4chan – the weirdest place on the internetz

this post is 18+ ok?

I have heard about 4chan before, even visited it for someĀ  moments earlier without seeing any sense but for some reason I dont remember anymore I went there again this sunday to figure out wtf is this unfamouse place about.

shorts story long: I got this close to being hooked up

so what is it? in technical terms its a free post/image board that doesnt require registration. anybody can post anything (literally). and so weird pictures and even weirder comments fill in gaps between porn.

for me its a combination of the ideal place to be exhibitionist and gladiator fight arena.

explain “exhibitionist place” : say what you want we all want to be special, recognized, be seen, basically walk the street naked. at the same time we are all very afraid of the consequences and loosing of social status. in here its all anonymous, you can say and do whatever you want and actually be at your weirdest to get the attention from the thousands of users online at any moment of time. so dont be surprised to see girls and boys showing their reproductive shit just to get attention of some people for a maximum of 1,5 hour – because it takes maximum this time before a thread gets so old that is automatically deleted. the reason is that the page has not memory, if a thread is beyond the 15th page it just disappears. its the ultimate attention seekers in us showdown.

explain “gladiator fight”: bread and games. flashes of genius mixing with utter nonsense but also really nasty/evil things. for the amusement of viewers lifes are being destroyed, secretes revealed and shockers delivered.

and here be some examples of what I have seen being discussed during one single day:

  • for the amusement of masses: go to chatroulette.com, pretend to be a 13 year old girl, find a guy who will talk about sex with you and show his penis, get his msn/email, find his facebook, send a message to the persons family, friends and boss, that the guy is a pedophile/pervert and include a printscreen of the chat, pretend to be a stressed mother or the harmed underage girl. repeat
  • girls who will strip in front of webcam just to keep attention of viewers for some time.. so called attention whores
  • how-to guides on: how to construct an RPG, tie a shoe in 20 different ways, get access to pictures on facebook of a person using the info from the filename, hack a facebook account, get high by hyperventilation, set up a proxy, find out what is the time from the sun height, make a crossbow from pencils, tie an executioners knot, tie a tie, make cookies in microwave, make crack tabs, read the palm, xray clothes on pictures and I dont know what else.
  • copies of past communications where people asked questions like: “i want to have sex with my daughter, what do you think?” or “i think my sister is hitting on me” or a kid saying “I have a rifle I am carrying it with me to school”… and making a mistake of giving a slight detail too much (original file name, badly removed name from pic, college jersey, email…) and be tracked down by the scherlocks on the forums – down to their names, addresses, phone numbers and pictures and being ordered pizzas, gay strippers, visits from mormon preachers, reported to police or anything you can imagine just for “great justice and lolz”. The guy with the guy got actually caught with a loaded rifle in the school and got jailed…
  • some of the most funny pictures I have ever seen of all cathegories, both totally dumb and highly nerdy
  • sources of all the internet memes you can think of… and more

its easy to get hooked up, like a TV that changes the channel every 1 minute and there is basically always something interesting on. but I will fight the urge and will not visit it anymore but how I understand how a 15 year old gets easily sucked into internet…

And as last piece… One of the how to`s gave an advice how to get crazy lucid dreams and partial paralysis: when going to sleep, lay on your back and dont move. Your body will itch and you will feel like stirring – thats your brain testing if you are already sleeping. If you resist and dont move, the sleep-part will assume that you are asleep and will start with the dream sequence, but because you are awake you will dream with full consciousness!

Of course I have decided to try this out and as I went to sleep with fresh memories of this weird place. Which resulted in very vivid dreams for the whole night in the form of 4chan boards! what i mean is that my dreams were very much realistic but in the form of picture and text threads on a pc screen. image some of the old text and picture based games – thats how. Weird it was I can tell you that.

So long, time to sleep and wake up for work tomorrow… lets see what strange sights will my dreams offer tonight :)

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  • im gonna try out this conscious dreaming thing! :P :D

  • I started going there and I saw half the things you’ve seen. I’ve only started going there for like 3 days 1 hr a day. I started having dreams about 4chan and then I realized that it was time for me to stop. I’m afraid and also tempted to go back there. I’m limiting myself to once a week :P

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