About me

2009 – first real-real job www.drill.cz
2009 – moved to Prague, Czech Republic
2008 – moved to Ghana to work for www.CapitalGroupGhana.com
2008 – moved back to Slovakia
2007 – became MC TM AIESEC Pakistan
2007 – moved to Pakistan
2006 – became MC TM AIESEC Slovakia
2006 – graduated
2005 – lead an AIESEC local chapter
2004 – first tasted HR
2002 – first tasted shisha
2001 – joined AIESEC
2001 – first time in love
2001 – random university
1999 – first time drunk
1999 – got nickname KLepo
1998 – learnt to ride bike
1997 – random highschool
1992 – first kissed a girl
1989 – learned to read
1983 – born

I dont think there is too many people who will be interested in this page, but I am glad You are interested in who am I.

BornĀ  in a small town called Vrutky. Both the choices of High School and University have been a matter of luck rather than choice. My joining of AIESEC was also an accident.

I do not think that I have done any real decision on my own till 2004 when I applied for the Vice-president for Human Resources in Local Committee of AIESEC in Banska Bystrica.

Since than my choices became more numerous – I have applied for the President of AIESEC BB (2005), I applied for the National board of AIESEC in Slovakia and done HR again (2006) and than finaly found the guts to do something of the kind I was trying to make everybody do – applied and got to the National board of AIESEC Pakistan, position Talent Management.

Following that I got an HR/Recruitment internship in Ghana and after a close-to-a-year there was looking for a job back in Europe. I bumped into the company Drill Business Services and by ruling of fate finished up in its Prague branch where I am now happy and satisfied.

I would say I am an introvert who taught himself to be extrovert. A person who enjoyes being among people because I enjoy seing people emotions, mostly positive. If there is not enough positive emotions, I try to create them in the people around me and than “parasite” on theirs… On the other side I often enjoy being alone and just enjoy my senses, mostly the feeling that I am feeling the world/situation differently than anybody else gives me satisfaction.

I am negativistic by words, but positive by thought. Mentioning all negative is a way how to state problem and find its solutions, or the pure existence of the (on the first sight) negative happenings shows how special and unusual the situation is. Generally I like randomness and non-standards, but only till the point when they are explainable with simple logic. Behaviour (negative) or events that “dont make sense” are driving me crazy.

I take the most pleasure from helping other people feel special, see things from different point of view, or even better seeing them find solutions for their problems or answers for their questions.

I am not at all demanding when it comes to what I describe as an interesting and enjoyable place/event, all it requires is a special aspect that can employ my brain and positive feelings of people around me.

I have a very short attention span, low abbility to keep any feeling for more than few seconds and skill to feel time pass, what I mean is that I do not have a sense for time – I dont know what means long or short (e.g. in keeping in touch) as I feel the same way.

I enjoy creation of things, doesnt matter if these are ideas, objects, graphics or texts and their later revisiting. It feels interesting to doubt “if I really have been able to create this” .

I am very self oriented, as I do not have abbility to understand the thinking and feeling of others and can be only liked or disliked, grey acceptance is hard with me.

I take pleasure in being resourceful and in trying to find own drivers, motives.

I am interested if anybody actually has read this text, if You did… well… welcome to MY world. And thank You.