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…this aint no blog

…after those ages of no updates I doubt there is ever someone coming to this web to check out for updates, but that is kinda all fine with me.

This place stopped being a blog sometime in 2008 or so when I got tired of updating every week just as speedily as I got into it in 2007. So what now with this place? Recently I have been faced with a lot of soul-searching and thinking moments, or rather moments that made me realize I need to think and do some soul-searching. And as its easier for me to think when writing I have decided to put down my thoughts and to put them down here.

So welcome.

What stuff shall be posted here? Cant say, because I dont know :)

random babble

1. its difficult to revive a long-dead blog because I feel the urge/responsibility to fill-in the gap between posts in past… when wanting to write about now, I just automatically start thinking about those I should do, and I dont have time/feel for them, so I dont do shit… but lets see, maybe this time I can make it :)

2. Location update: I am in Slovakia. I came from Ghana in August, in August went to Cairo/Egypt for a week to see the wedding of Gannat Akef and use the chance to see Cairo and the White and Black Desert (, in September I went for a week to Krakow/Poland and Lvov/Ukraine just to see Mia/Ania/chatbuddy and now I am again home in Vrutky/Martin/Slovakia looking for job or a suitable TN in HR in Europe

3. Today I walked through fog and wind on the top of a mountain above my town, it was so windy that even the deers could hear me :D I have faced a 2m tall male from like 10m and actually came as close as 4m to a pair of females! In both cases I just came from behind a fog covered curve and stood there staring at these beautiful animals. Sadly they always run away before I could take a picture :( But I took pictures of the foggy hill, will post tomorrow.

The 2009 Blog Revival

So yeah, I am back from internship in Ghana and short stay in Egypt and waiting to find out what is next for me to do… I wish for another/last internship in a large-sized company in Western Europe. Why? Because I want to know how it feels like to work in a place where I have a clear Jobdescription and a boss :)

And yeah, I promise to revive my blog… actually even plan to add articles about what was going on with me in the whole last 8 months…

Exactly… I am bored :)

Work done!

I managed to put online ALL my posts from Slovakia and ALL my posts from Pakistan.

In case of Pakistan You might notice that there is a gap when no posts were done, thats because of my webserver being down – I was not posting anything those days.

But if You want to see more of that period, just visit the page with Pakistan pictures:

Happy I am done with this all, now I can start with a clean slate :)