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If you are reading this…

…than get your ass up and go out! Seriously.

Today I came from work with a plan to go do some shopping (headphones and washing powder), but got hooked up to stupid stuff on internet instead. Before I realized it was 22:10 but I still did put on my running shoes and went to the park/castle hill close to my place.

There I found out that some 200 kids are having fun there drumming, doing firedancing and getting intoxicated. Fire and drums is a good combination and the fact that I have done some running made me feel even better.

Generally a fine evening worth remembering – and there is shit load of things you are missing out by sitting at the pc now too… so get the hell out. If you dont know where to go, ask me – I will do the googling for you :) [but only during workhours or late night before going to sleep, other times I am inshallah not on internet]

(Aussie) Pink Floyd – close enough

I have seen the Big Pink show of The Australian Pink Floyd a.k.a. Aussie Floyd ( who have basically been playing Pink Floyd music since 1988 (!).

Simply said, it was a great experience. Shit cold (they played in a hockey stadium with the ice intact, covered up by temporary flooring), the show was real fine and if you just listened to the music, it wasnt difficult to think this is a real pink floyd concert (for a rather small audience of some 2.000 ppl) and being a litte boozed, so sometimes loosing the grip and making littel variations away from the original sound :)

So it was not exactly Pink Floyd and who they are and most of all how they play, but was close enough – I do recommend to all who realy like PF but are not shit crazy about them so will listen to every tone misplayed.

It was good and I am glad I went to see this, even though it was rather by accident – I went to buy tickets for Stomp ( but changed my mind in the process :D …Heck, stomp is in march, I still might change my mind and go there too :P

So now I have seen The Offspring and Pink Floyd (or at least the closest you can get), which are the two international bands that influenced my teen-music-formation-period. Job well done. So lets see whats next, afterall, music soothes even the savage beast.

Goodbye blue sky :)


Funny that my first true post on by blog after months is this one. I will add also updates about the time that passed previously, there truly is quite a lot to say… And why this one? Dont know, maybe because going for a climb is something that has been deladed as much as these posts.

So, I climbed my first artificial wall today. I have mixed feelings, I liked the feeling of going up – achieving something, on the other side I felt doing it alone can get tiring, and most of all – I am weak. After a short, enthusiastic climbing, my hands got tired and wobbly, considering that even before that I was able to hold only on the biggest grabs is not too good news.

I basically have two options – stop after first try or really get into it. This is not like cycling or running that its ok to be slower. In bouldering you can hold on to the wall or you cant. So that might be one of the reasons to put this post up – it might push me to do those push ups, pull ups and at least once weekly go to see if it has any effect… I might actually manage to start with the second option, lets see if it stays :)

And as final I have to say I have seen the kind of beauty of a rather Michelangelo kind. If you check his paintings, he was painting women being rather masculine and having musles. No way am I saying that the girl I have seen today on the wall looked like a man (NO way), but when she was hanging by fingertips on the wall on her back I have seen flexing muscles that I havent even know exist :) Michelangelo was an autist who had crazy talent for art, but in this case we would agree :D

And if you think that picture looks good or think that girls climbing is not sexy, you should check ;)

Just a normal day…

So today…

- my colleague from MC Sue told me she is engaged

- I had 4 beers, 2 ganja joints and 1 jack daniels with my current colleagues

- I called some doctors and asked if they want to work in Germany

- was told that starting tomorrow I will be finding and calling potential sales managers for a company that sells turbines/generators for middle-sized power plants with a monthly wage of some 20.000 EUR

- am going to sleep at approx. 2 am

- talked about pakistan and india and than about the importance of genes vs.  society in terms of differences of behavior of different people

- have been told I should get 14 days free during xmas…. paid

- havent seen my flatmate, he went to work before I woke up and fell asleep before I came back

- watched a lot of dumb videos on the internet tubes

- realized most people dont like their job but still some like doing it (e.g. me)\

…actually this is a normal day