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Salius says: You have Malaria!?

I guess You have three main questions in Your mind now…


First, “who is Salius” – a Lithuanian guy who is in Ghana for the last 3 years

Second, “what is the title about” – its playing with “Simon says” game

Third, “wtf??? You have malaria??? Are you still alive? Flying home right?” – malaria that the f*** / Yes / Yes / No


Ok, so what is malaria…?

me: some sickness which makes You feel like You are in the worst hangover, except that You dont puke but shit a river (at least there is something left in the stomach and after). You get it from those damn mosquitos that fly here everywhere and that I am systematically killing (with pleasure and a feeling satisfied hunter) every day/evening. You need to take pills or You will feel shitty even longer. There is no vaccination, You can only eat pills so You dont take malaria, because than You would have to take pills (exactly… You take pills for weeks to avoid pills for some few bad days).



How did I get it?

I caught a mosquito and sucked his inside…  :P  It bit me, what else?


How am I feeling?

Now I am good, but as soon as I get late with the pills by some hours I still get a headache.


So how to know You have malaria?

Go to doctor. But basically: You feel dried up, mouth feels like You liked dried shit in terms of it beeing full dry and bad taste. This even a minute after drinking. You dont feel like eating and all food tastes bad. You have a high temperature that sometimes switches to cold skin. You have headache, pains behing eyes, in shoulders and hips. You feel dizzy and are not too good in keeping balance. Your mind and body is slow, sometimes You feel like a puppet on strings. You feel like sleeping all the time, but cant stay sleeping – wake up every few minutes and feel like You slept a lot but still feel tired. In my case I had slightly halucinative dreams involving a huge number of pillows in my bed and me mindcontrolling electric wiring in the house by “growing” into the network.


What is the Salius guy about?

I was at a friends house, still thinking I just got food poisoned, I lay down and take a nap. When I wake up Salius is in and he shakes my hand…. And while doing so says: “You have malaria, right!?”. Thats when I realized I have fever and now have all symptoms of malaria (I had 39 C). He took me to the hospital where I got some drugs and started to get better.


Is it fun?

Well its like getting food poisoned in Karachi… You dont get it – You are lucky… Come and try on Your own.

Mua’d Dib wont awaken…. :(

Those who know the Dune know that in the title I am playing with the line from the book/movie… “the sleeper must awaken!” and that the Sleeeper is in a way Mua’d Dib, the main character….

Those who know my Laptop know it was named Mua’d Dib…

Those who know the status it was in for the last months (fixed with sticky tape and being slower and slower) will most probably not be surprised to find out that….

….he is dead :(


Like no beep, no light nothing, peace of plastic and metal now. Mua’d Dib rests now on the bottom of my schelf waiting for a decision on what do I do with him…

…I am so glad that like week before (after the keyboard went crazy) I copied all my data on a portable USB drive!


You were my true mate…. Pakistan, India, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland, Romania… through hills, forests and deserts …. to school and work and for pleasure. Boy, if you drunk beer I would call You a best friend, but You didnt (well once You drunk some water but that doesnt count)….

I will miss You…

My keyboard got crazy

So my laptop named Mua’d Dib is giving signs of old age for quite a while, recently I didnt really help him by uninstalling the antivirus and trying to install a different one… of course the new one didnt work and my boy got infested with lots of crazy worms…

But I got already used to the fact that:

  • sticky tape has to keep the plastic casing together and dust from falling free inside,
  • the DVD ROM doesnt work,
  • the battery lasts like 3 minutes,
  • the power plug is loose so that if I dont notice the laptop dies due to lack low battery,
  • keys of the number 1 and 3 and the Tab are not working…
But this new craziness beats all…
My keyboard types random crap! Lets have a look on a few extraordinary functions of my laptop keyboard:
  • press “n” and get ” n “,
  • press “p” and get “yop\”,
  • press “0″ and get “o;0″
  • AND press “o” and get my favorite “zoôň [enter]“
I googled it and found out its not actually that rare, a lot of people have faced such problems caused by faulty drivers, static electricity or unknown paranormal activity… (or just idiocy when someone didnt notice that he has the laptop NumLock on :P ).
Lets see which case is mine… Will need to find an USB keyboard to see how deep the damage goes.
PS: i tried to see if reinstalling Windows fixes the problem :)  But by accident I have installed the new Windows on disk D: instead of C:… which is good because I realized I dont have the laptop drivers with me in Ghana so if I succeeded I would have a nice cute 486-like computer (if You still remember what those numbers mean)