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Ghana picture time!

So I have finally made some pictures of Ghana and uploaded them online…

Get used that they will be placed always here:

enjoy :)

PS: try also and

I am in Ghana!

So here it is.

Saturday the 20th of September at 21:00 I have arrived to Accra in Ghana for my one year long internship in Capital Group.

I know I should write about all the culture shocks I had after arrival now… like NOW.

But there is one problem… there is not too many :)

FINE, I will try to list some interesting stuff:

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I am going to Ghana soon :)

I got finally matched!

I am going to Ghana soon, to work for one year in Capital Group – an HR agency in Accra, the capital, to work on this TN.

I still dont know when I am leaving, only one thing is for sure – soon. The company would like me to come in less than a month… Lets see if I can manage.

Looks like I should speed up with my “Slovakia travel” plans :D