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Say hello to Pinky the Bike!

So I did what I was threatenign people around me for a while here :D

I bought a bike!

I cant find a way to upload the pictures now, but just imagine that baby:

  • the front fork, the gear/breaks cable tubes and the stearing are girly pink,
  • the rest of the bike is purple with streaks of pink,
  • its a little bit too small for my size so I always lean on the stearing,
  • when breaking it makes sounds like when You are stragling a cat AND
  • its all mine :D (like, who else would like it?)
I should say that I had a bike chosen, pretty acceptable piece of something, but was out of cash for a week due to the dentist saga that I might post a while later about. So imagine that when I finally scratch out the cash, call the guy and he brings… pinkie! Because of the color nobody wants it so it was even cheaper – 60 USD.
Wait for the adventures of KLepo and Pinky! I was even thinking about going across Ghana on bike (Ghana is pretty small, I could easily do the distance) but the heat that is on during 5 hours of day persuaded me that its a bad idea… at least for now :)