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I am not hiring my boss anymore… I am the boss :D

ok, seriously this is not a joke…

The CEO and HR Head were trying to find a new Recruitment Services Coordinator, but none of the people interviewed did fit them in terms of wage, experience, attitude or whatever else. So they got insted a guy with limited experience but ability to learn and put him on my place… But what to do with me? Well there is a chair free :D

So yeah, so now I can call myself boss… Not that it would matter much, wage the same (and I am all fine with how much I get) and chair too. What matters is that now there is two of us so we can handle more work, where I am the more experienced (I did recruit for more than 2 years) so its also my job to keep the other guy busy and interested… Works till now pretty ok.

So yeah, life is good :)

I am hiring my own boss

Well, there is quite a lot of posts that I owe to those who take the time to check up on this place… last two weeks have been really hectic for me and it doesnt look like slowing down soon :( or :) …not sure

Yesterday my direct boss, head of Recruitment, resigned.

Which leaves a total of one person in Recruitment (me) and one as the boss (head of whole HR).

Today I have been given her JD to post around and screen potential applicants :)

But from my experience of the last weeks, the fact that I am doing interviews at least twice a week is not going to change, so yahooooooo, back to work…

For those interested in what I actually do I am preparing a rather daily update on my job-achievements (thank YOU for the inspiration) so You get the image of what am I earning my living from :)

Hola, good night for today!