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I am not hiring my boss anymore… I am the boss :D

ok, seriously this is not a joke…

The CEO and HR Head were trying to find a new Recruitment Services Coordinator, but none of the people interviewed did fit them in terms of wage, experience, attitude or whatever else. So they got insted a guy with limited experience but ability to learn and put him on my place… But what to do with me? Well there is a chair free :D

So yeah, so now I can call myself boss… Not that it would matter much, wage the same (and I am all fine with how much I get) and chair too. What matters is that now there is two of us so we can handle more work, where I am the more experienced (I did recruit for more than 2 years) so its also my job to keep the other guy busy and interested… Works till now pretty ok.

So yeah, life is good :)

Movie time!

While being on one of my first rides on Pinky the Bike, I bumped into a cinema called Plaza. Well it actually is a plaza… its a courtyard of some 100 m2 with benches and a screen under the skies….

One movie costs 0.5 USD and they mostly play two per night, with the first being the main and second any random rerun or really old movie.

And they play the crappest movies ever… in the good and bad sense :)

Monday – Indian, Tuesday – US Action, Wednesday - any action, Thursday – Chinese Kung-Fu movies, Friday - Indian, Saturday – any action, Sunday – “stories”. 

The best I saw there till now: The Way of the Dragon (Bruce Lee), Men of War (Dolf Lungren), Escape from LA (Kurt Russel), Don

The worst I saw there till now: Naked Weapon, 7 steps of Kung-fu, Dhoom

And on the way back home, carefully avoiding the holes in roads, I stop for an egg sandwich which has finally enough spice to get close to the pakistani food I am missing.

Want to sell something? Use your head and traffic lights!

Yep so the traffic in Accra sucks…

  • In morning all roads are clugged because everybody goes to work
  • On midday all roads are clugged because everybody goes for lunch
  • At afternoon all roads are clugged because everybody goes home
So whereever You go, it takes at least two hours…
So why not use it and create a mobile hypermarket? 
Whenever You stop or slow donw there is somebody selling something from a basket on the top of their head or from their hands, here is a selection of goods I noticed while waiting on a crossroad:
  • walking sticks
  • covers for suit
  • DVD cleaning set
  • shirts
  • glasses
  • binoculars
  • clocks
  • ballon ball
  • window shades
  • souvenirs
  • cell phone credit cards
  • newspapers
  • chocolate
  • hankerchiefs
  • yam (like big potatoes)
  • books 
  • rat poison (with a sample dead rat to attract attention)
  • water
  • CDs and DVDs

Oh My Gosh, Ltd.

This is something that every visitor to Ghana will point out – the interesting “hobby” of Ghanians to put quotes from the Bible on the most random places… Including the names of their small enteprises… So here are some of my most favorite messages and shop names in Ghana:

  • God Is Able Enterprise (a funeral service!)
  • Fear Not Barbering Salon
  • Friends of Jesus Salon (a beauty salon)
  • Believe in Jesus Enterprises (selling dog food)
  • In God We Trust Limited (get it? :D )
  • His Grace Video and Photo Production
  • God Only, To Let Rooms with 2, 3 and 4 beds
  • God First Auto Parts
  • Christ Cares Communications (cell phone seller)
  • God Is Great, In stock (and following pictures of bags and shirts)
  • Thank You Jesus Frozen Foods
  • No Weapon Foods
And the hobby to put the randomest messages on Taxis, Cars and vanbuses:
  • on a taxi: “Keep On Praying” (where someone scratched out the R :D or was it L?)
  • front of a truck: “Jesus is coming”
  • front of a truck: “Judgement Day”
  • van-bus: “We Act As Lovers”
  • van-bus: “Good Morning Jesus” 
  • van-bus: “Last Killer”
  • taxi: “No Food For Lazy Man”
And give churches the most interesting names and promotions:
  • [some] Presbiterian Church – professionalism and expertise
  • Fellowship with US at Winners Chapel Ghana – come experience God with US 
  • Saints Convenion with topic “I fear no evil”
  • Winners Chapel International – homeof signs and wonders
  • Word Miracle Church International – where Jesus makes everybody somebody
Generally choosing the most interesting names for shops:
  • Patience Fast Food
  • Hot Date Fast Food
  • Honestly Fast Food
  • Qwickpik (superstore)
  • Cake tekniks (bakery)
And putting the nicest smily pictures next to the most horrific texts:
  • A smily boy and mother on the billboard “Dewormex 300 – Your one stop dewormer!”
  • Billboard: A wide smiling couple and the text “HIV/AIDS is curable”
  • Front page of a newspaper with a picture of a smiling posh couple with the bigfont title (of an another article) next to it: “Dead bodies rot in hospital”

Say hello to Pinky the Bike!

So I did what I was threatenign people around me for a while here :D

I bought a bike!

I cant find a way to upload the pictures now, but just imagine that baby:

  • the front fork, the gear/breaks cable tubes and the stearing are girly pink,
  • the rest of the bike is purple with streaks of pink,
  • its a little bit too small for my size so I always lean on the stearing,
  • when breaking it makes sounds like when You are stragling a cat AND
  • its all mine :D (like, who else would like it?)
I should say that I had a bike chosen, pretty acceptable piece of something, but was out of cash for a week due to the dentist saga that I might post a while later about. So imagine that when I finally scratch out the cash, call the guy and he brings… pinkie! Because of the color nobody wants it so it was even cheaper – 60 USD.
Wait for the adventures of KLepo and Pinky! I was even thinking about going across Ghana on bike (Ghana is pretty small, I could easily do the distance) but the heat that is on during 5 hours of day persuaded me that its a bad idea… at least for now :)

Ghana Youngs are Horny x 2, Friendly and YO!

Ok, small observation…

I went to the beach today – on my own taking buses/vans called tro-tro which is a normal and cheapest way of transport.

First to the FRIENDLY part… :

  • on the way I got couple of times an advise on which tro-tro to take and on which stop to get out, very willingly and helpfully, people looked nearly eager to be able to help to anybody who asks,
  • on the way I got into talk with a random ghana girl heading for the same beach (we split later because I was looking for a part of beach where I would not have to pay the fees and she went straight for the the “cool” part of beach – paid one),
  • I was “adopted” by a group of guys heading for the beach… first I thought that for the free of charge part, later I realized that they want to pay a small bribe and get to the paid part, the discussion started with “Yo man, how are You, where are You going? Beach? Oh we go there too!”. Of course I joined for the sneaking in – a new-experience-hunter I am :) Took like 15 minutes of dealing the price with a profit of like 1 USD for the guy who did the transaction for us, we paid 2 USD per person (compared to 5 USD which was the official rate) and got in.
  • the guys share with me their wine.
  • I got offer to spend weekend with one of them and he promised to call me up during the week to arrange the details (he actually wanted to call after midnight as its cheaper, but I said I mostly sleep at that time already… ok, I was always awake at midnight till now, but what if I start going sleep earlier?).
  • other suggested that my company (Capital Group) could work with the Student Council that he is the head of and promised to write me an email with offer.
  • I shared my number with two of the guys, lets see what comes out of it – at least I see if I should do it for future.
  • the earlier mentioned girl came to me and tapped my shoulder and said Hi!… after a second I realized who is it and said Hello! with a smile. Than she smiled and left.
  • the guy who invited me for weekend has requested that I call him when I safely arrive home, when I looked hesitant (why would I do that?) he offered to call me and check… so I promised to write an SMS (which I did and he replied back)

And now for the HORNINESS part, ok?

  • see the crash course of ghana-speed-dating below…
  • the first question the guys had to me when the girl-from-bus left was: “You didnt like her? (well I did, she was pretty nice) So why didnt You call her back when she was leaving? She would come back (ook, didnt know that… but anyways she was too artificial, like a 15-year-TLC-doll. So no big loss.)”
  • they asked me: You want to have an African girl, no?
  • they have been staring at every female walking around and when it became too dark to do that on the beach they decided to go to a bar.
  • they tapped a girls ass on the way and she didnt mind, just smiled back and said something like “Hey, no touching!”
  • one of them started discussion with the waitress with “will You marry me?”, she said: “sure”, he said “so lets do it right now”, she smiled and went away.
  • one of them got attention of two girls by telling them “Hey can we have some of Your popcorn?”, the two of them finished up with sharing their names and phone numbers with some of the guys and decided to leave, when an objection was raised: “hey where are You going with the popcorn?” they left the popcorn and left.

HORNINESS part II. “Ghana Speed Dating”:

  • HE – sits on chair checking girls
  • SHE – walks between chairs and is checking boys and telling observations to her friend
  • HE – spots target (the girl) and says: “hello beauty, come here”
  • SHE – comes (?) and says: “hello, how are You?” (??? this is the part where I expected she will smack his face, at least based on my knowledge of girls I know)
  • HE: “You are so pretty I couldnt let You just walk by. Whats Your name?”
  • SHE – tells her name (???)
  • HE – makes a clumsy attempt to repeat it in order to make her
  • SHE – chuckles and bends closer to his ear to repeat it
  • HE – repeats the name correctly and says his, does basic research about her: where are You from, what You doing here
  • SHE – replies without hesitation
  • HE: “whats Your phone number?”
  • SHE – gives it to him (??WTF??)
  • HE – gives her a missed call

…now with this in mind (its btw a real situation with the popcorn girl and one more). How come that there are churches all around the place and most of youngs are supposed to be virgins until marriage or at least the age of 25?????

Lastly the YO part:
You know how we make fun of this YO guys who walk our streets and want to look really YO and COOL and when they meet each other they do 25 different moves with their hand including a finger-snap and fists-hitting?
Well looks like its considered normal and proper among the youngsters here! In here its actually COOL to be YO and nobody makes fun of it! Actually You are funny if You are not YO and dont snap YO fingers after DA handshakish thing!
OMG LOL I am in DA country of DA RAPERS and GANGSTAS! :D