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Volta Region: Wli waterfalls, Akosombo Dam, Mt.Afadjato

One of the best weekend trips in Ghana with three amazing things to see/do :)   Fully recommended.

catching the balls

girls and me on the ride

girls and me on the ride

Starting from Accra by bus/car going to Akosombo – a small town first built to provide living space for the the workers building this amazing dam and later becoming a tourist spot. Akosombo dam is THE biggest man-made lakes in the world. It covers 3.6% of the land of Ghana. A friend of ours (Ghana-born Indian :) ) took me, Heleni, Jorien and Isabella for a ride on his boat across the lake – damn cool stuff :D His company is producing plastic stuff and everytime he comes he brings a bag of one of his products – a childs toy plastic ball that he throws in water for the kids from the fishing village to pick. Its a real fun sight as not just kids but whole village gets on boats and makes a race of who gets the most with those still on shore cheering for them :)


Next is the time to climb Highest Mountain of Ghana – Mount Afadjato – with amazing 88O m :D

slovak posing on top of Ghana

slovak posing on top of Ghana

Slovakia vs Ghana

Slovakia vs Ghana

It sounds like an easy thing to do but in the heat and humidity its a real torture and getting to the top not being covered with sweat is impossible. The view is great to Ghana on one side and Togo on the other. Add to it the walk through jungle and the cool signpost on the top and you have a very good reason why to do the climb.


And the third is the most amazing part of the trip and actually one of the best things to do in Ghana – take a shower under a 60 m tall shower – the Wli waterfalls. Its a two level waterfall that is very easy to reach from the village of Hohoe by foot, first you get to the lower stage with a beautiful lake and waterfall and hundreds of fruit hanging on the walls above you and than those who feel like can climb to the upper level (some 1,5 hr hike up the hill through jungle), where you find another lake and a waterfall that you can partly climb (trying at least to climb the rocks while the water is falling on you from the sky). This was the only time in Ghana we actually felt cold because the water was chilly and air too. The water was actually coming from Togo :)

The Kokrobite beach – the Shell beach!

Those who actually from time to time read my posts know that I do like the sea (just like I do like the mountains…), and after taking You for a walk to the Labadi beach, today I would like to tell You about my Sunday at the Kokrobite (sometimes also called Koklobite) beach :)

It was the first AIESEC event I was at in Ghana. It seems like its an annual (or more frequent) thing when they invite the LC members and interns for a swim, dance and some food on the beach. So surely I went… and surely I tried to avoid the official cost of 8 USD by trying to find out who goes from the places closer to me, who knows the way and joining them :D  I met some nice random group of interns this way and discovered that it will be my preferred way of going to such events because the “official transport” bus was late by 2 hours…

I saw also an ironic but not very positive rememberance of Pakistan and all that crap that the country is fighting with right now… A random sign saying “Slow Down, Taliban Zone… Peace, Love, Discipline… Burning”.

On the way I also saw something very positive to me. There was a narrow street that our vanbus took with a mosque and Islam centre to the left and a street called Jeruzalem and Izrael to the right… May such acceptance be in the world…

But thoughts of this kind were in the background as soon as I got to the beach, its really nice with sandy banks, big waves and clean sea… Fishermen and their boats floating and harboring on the same beach. Somebody on some blog wrote that its nice that two “economies” meet and dont compete = tourism and fishery. True, its a nice place and based on what we have seen also a good fishing water. There was a group of fishermen dividing the catch, looks like a lucky day because the guy who was with us and is in Accra for last three years said he has never seen such a good catch.

So we got on the beach, threw our stuff on the beach and went for swim… the waves have been little bit too big for a relaxing swim, but it was fun, I got tired and soaked which was the goal. Very soon the local kids started to flock around and as one of the intens – Tanya from Macedonia – is very playful and likes kids she started to talk with them (in a very basic English), play with the kids and soon we (me and the kids of course) finished up digging one of the interns into sand and I trying how many of the kids am I able to carry on my back, i.e. are needed to pull me to the ground (lets say a test of

So, was fun :)

Sunset came and brought some nice views on the boats, people, palm trees, sea and sand…

And lastly, why Shell beach? Because first I bought a huge shell (like 10 cm) for 1 USD (and I picked one of the smaller ones so I can transport it) and later I found hundreds of smaller but equally nice shells right there on the beach. 

I picked a lot of them and plan to make a windtinkle out of them, will see how it goes :)

Labadi Beach – the party place

Well I have been to Labadi the second time.. this time with a photocamera.

The first time I was taken there by one of the expat guys I met during my crazy first weekend in Accra (see “Accra-like weekend“), today I went there because I wanted to see if I manage to get there on my own and if it is going to be fun :)

So I went, have been able after asking few people to locate the correct van, got in there still not too sure because the van drivers started to argue with which bus should I go (“not beach this one, my goes to beach!”) and got out on an unknown place… Luckily two girls were also going to the beach and I walked with them, just to realize that I actually know where am I, just came from an unknown direction and some 10 mins walk away from where I expected to finish.

The beach part where I was before was paid, 3 USD :P So I tried to find a free part (I am a broke Slovak!) so I just walked along the fences and stuff. And while doing that I passed a group of youngsters, they were like “Yo Hi Sup Man, whatcha doin here, lookin for some Ghana gals?” and I am like “Hi, no just want to go to the beach for free or cheap.” The idea of a broke white man was funny to them so they exchanged some more yo senteces with me and than went straight for a hole in the wall guarded by a guy… I realized that they want to sneak in to the paid part of beach (which was today charging 5 USD because it was holidays) and so of course I joined (thats too much fun not to try :P ).

So we went through the whole and some random trash, followed by the “guard” who was asking for money for letting us in (to the free part of beach behind the wall) and dealing out our price to get on the pay beach (You need to bribe the guard to do so), than we spent some 10 minutes bargaining with the guard, paid 2 USD instead of 5 USD and went in. We finished up sittin on a table, drinking some wine they doing “YoSupThomas” and me trying to explain that for me its damn funny because the YoSpeech is pretty much of “I-think-I-am-so-cool” thing in Slovakia :)

What were my impressions of the people You can read in the post Ghana Youngs are Horny x 2, Friendly and YO! :)

The beach was already a beehive when I came with some dozens people splashing in water under the watchful eyes of the lifeguard guy and with much more dozens people sitting and chatting on the beach at chairs and tables… as sunset approached all “water” people moved to beach and have been joined by even more people who came to hang out… 

Thats why I vote Labadi beach to be the party beach…

And for pictures from the beach just click on any of the ones that are mixed into the text or click here

Accra-like weekend

So I had my first complete weekend in Ghana and I can tell that it already scores pretty high in my evaluations of random weekends :D

It was a rather long and interesting weekend so get ready for a little reading, ok? In addition I didnt take my camera (why camera at a simple dinner?) so there are also no pictures to accompany the text :P

So what actually happened?

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