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The Strongest or Meek shall inherit the world?

Setting the expectations:

…dont expect any mindblowing revelations, just some thoughts that I find interesting and you might decided to read and think about too :)

Intro points:

  1. If you browse for the quotes of Darwin you might run into the sum up that its all about “Survival of the strongest”
  2. Bible says that “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”


Do these two statements collide?

Form and motivation:

This is not a religious study, just a set of thoughts that you are very welcome to ponder upon and that I think might shed a little light on our world in all its sizes – from the evolution to our daily interactions in office.

I have been reading….

First, a few words about a seemingly unconnected topic. If you are to train a group of e.g. lions you need to identify the exact hierarchy of the group – who is the strongest/first (alpha) and last (omega). Than you need to establish yourself as the new alpha and choose the tricks for each lion wisely. The omega animal will be the keenest to get into your attention and good favor. This is the one that will train the hardest and do the most difficult tricks so that it increases its position in the pack and also to assure that you=alpha will protect it from the rest of the pack. Thus from our=audience point of view this animal will be the “smartest”, but in fact its just the most flexible.

I have been thinking…

We mostly assume “strong” to mean the “physically most fit”. But the strongest animal is the hardest to tame and least probable to change according to a changed environment. In fact Darwin can be summed up as “Survival of the fittest”. Which is often the Omega animal as in order to survive it must be the most flexible, adaptible – you can even say intelligent or… meek.

So my answer is…

Those two statements dont collide at all. They are very much about the same.

Daily life usage…

People (like all creatures) tend to be the most impressed with the strongest (alpha). You can see that when kids (but also some trainers, teamleaders) are choosing their teams – they want the biggest, strongest, fastest players. But what might happen is that you end up with a team of stars and no teamplayers – flexible people.

But you can take it even further. The world is ruled by the Alphas that impress us and thus we put them in the front or can push themselves through, and by the Omegas who have the best ability to change their behaviour according to the current conditions. Consider this next time when you find yourself wondering why so many companies are managed by this dumb strong guy who just uses raw power, or by this sleazy coat changing prick.

How to use this…

If you are ruled by the alpha, you can not fight him/her with power – s/he will try to crush you and assure its dominance. If you show yourself to be flexible and as accepting his/her power, you will be given more and more space to act – you wont be seen as a challenger but as a valued asset (part of his/her power).

If you are under a weasel, you will most probably not gain a position of power by reflecting everyone of his/her whims. You need to build a position where you are irreplaceable but at the same time strong enough to hold your stance.


  • strength and flexibility and all characteristics are not good or bad by definition, you can meet warmhearted muscleballs or the smartest flexi-guys, its just that we mostly see the negatives so thats why I devoted the text to “fighting” them. I am sure you see also the positive applications :)
  • I have not told you anything new – you knew all this already before. True, most of us do. But its good to be reminded from time to time :)