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Day 098 – Allah…

I was actually doing nothing the whole day so there is no picture… so just this one.

My todays pic: name of allah

It is a picture we (Yao from Cote dĀ°ivore) have been given. If You read from right to left: the separate line is “A”, initial vowels are always standing alone. The right part of the bow is “L”, in the middle is again a line for “A” with a sign over it that makes it sound double, so “AA”, and the rest is “H”. So the proper pronunciation is “Alaah”.

“Allahu akbar” means “God is great”… its sad that for a lot of people this words became the symbol of a crazy militant blowing himself up as that is what they are portraited like.

Day 010 – The beauty of women vs. Hijab..html

According to some sources the custom of covering of face/body of females dates back to Jingiskhan. One of his wifes was flirting too much and that is why he ordered her to cover herself up. The custom was common among Jews, early Christians and of course also among Muslims. The difference is that in Christianity it stayed in usage only for nuns and in Islam it has been accepted as a common practice.

And now we are at the source of problem… What was just a common practice was transformed into a rigid rule. In the recent years it has become a symbolical issue. Right now hijab became one of the symbols of true Islam. We have been faced with conflicts that have been caused by wearing hijab (forbidden in schools in France; Egypt and Turkey are running an agressive campaign against Hijab – see cases brought up by Amnesty International that included violence on women) and cases where women were abused for not wearing it, or wearing it in a “unsifficient” way (common also in Pakistan)…

But my point was simple in the fact, that the women in Pakistan are a litle bit of mistery, showing only the face and You are not supposed to stare at them, but only catch a glimpse. Of course I am not talking about Burka (whole face cover), but about the scarfs around the heads and shoulders of girls. With combination of their love for traditional-alike patterns and bright colours it makes them look often very beautiful

For those guys who are looking for girls who look innocent and precious, its very easy to fall in love here :)

Good thing that I rather prefer lil crazy, smart, rather strong, impulsive girls that are ready to fight with anybody… :D

Day 009- The beauty of nature…

This idea came to my mind while watching at the demolished house on the beach…

Its often the desolation of man`s creation that lets the beauty of work of nature stand out, the simple presence of a man makes the nature look weak and enslaved.

Or is it just that the beauty is in the eyes of beholder and its me who likes these views? Is it an accident that among my favourite movies are those that show the end of our days (Children of Men, 28 days later)?

Day 297 – Goals shoud be unpractical

So what kind of crazy thoughts come to my head these times?

Well the goals are:
- finish MC in Pakistan on 1st of July
- travel Pakistan for 2-3 weeks
- go back to Slovakia in an interesting way (I still dont know what it means)
- travel Slovakia and Czech republic for some month
- while being in Slovakia, walk/hike it from East to West (like 2 weeks?)

Days 285-292 – a week in life or a trainee in Pakistan :)

Now this is just to show what a person can do in Pakistan within one week… it was not my week, but I was there, so I can write about it :)

The girl is Anna a.k.a. Maya from Hungary… The tickets from Budapest to Karachi sounded expensive so she took a flight to India and from over there took a bus to Lahore – Pakistan, we picked her up right after crossing the Paki-India border…

Since her arrival till now she has:
- been to Shalimar Gardens
- been for a cinema show of a 3-hours long Punjabi movie called Gulabo (rosebud)
- took a ride on a rollercoaster for 0,5 USD
- felt sick because of all the spicy food
- bought her first Shalwar Kameez
- been to Badshahi Mosque, old city of Lahore and Food Street
- took with the MC a 23 hours long train ride from Lahore to Karachi
- got bitten by miriads of mosqitos and found the miracle of Repellent
- had the first day in company (Unilever) and was busy since first minute
- been to Mohatta Palace and the Beach park in Karachi
- organized an AIESEC+Hungary presentation for the company people
- on weekend suggested that we go to Thatta, so we did :)

…time limitations are only in Your head, maybe I should be little bit creative with my time too.

Day 292 – so how different is Pakistan?

Quote of the day…

a Pakistani asking a new trainee what is different in PK from home…

her answer is exactly what was my though:

“its hard to say, there is nothing that would be similar :)