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Days 278-283 – National Strategic Conference 2008, Murree

Not sure if this will become a very short or very long post, it depends on what do I write about… I was on a conference… actually I organized it… what should I say…

I made a webpage for it here:

And have put some nice pictures here …I didnt make too many of general “people pictures” and actually have to put them online…

What should I write about the conference to give it sense for people who have not been there, consider it to be just an another conference or dont even care too much about AIESEC conferences?

Well, lets try it like this:

  • each Local Chapter came with between 2 and 6 different dances to mostly bollywood songs but also random 70s disco.
  • The conferences in Pakistan are officially decided to be without alcohol, but it was fully fine, because we had galons of Pakola and sheesha to socialize with.
  • The conference was on the hills in Murree and thus sometimes we had been quite freezing.
  • The hotel (Shangrilla) is a few star hotel that I would never be able to efford.
  • On the last night a bunch of guys have decided to follow the tradition that on last night there is no sleep, they have been hanging on the swings till morning.
  • The official night had more than 20 externals participating and was covered by Dawn TV.
  • The conference made a profit that will finance the LC for at least half a year.


See the footage here on YouTube:

AIESEC Pakistan, NSC 08, Dawn TV footage

Day 283 – 3 thoughts from mr. Incredible

I know that I already did a post on the conference (National Strategic Conference 2008), but this is something different…

I have been dealing with an HR+training company called Navitus for the conference (and beyond), one of the basic things I noticed at these guys is that everything is possible – whatever You suggest, their reply is: sure, sounds cool, just send us some more info and we see what we can do…

One of the things they gave AIESEC Pakistan (without us even considering such an option) was that a guy called Sarmad Tariq would come and deliver a speech at the closing plenary. Who is Sarmad? A guy who lost everything he had – purpose of life and ability to move anything apart from his head, but didnt give up. He has gained partly both of it, he still cant walk but he has a damn interesting life…

And he told us a few things about him and his view on life…

Quote 1:
I dont want to stay/go to place that reminds me about what I cant do, but a place that challenges me and gives me satisfaction about what I can do.

Quote 2:
Pain is temporary, pride is for ever.

Quote 3:
There is a physical law: “every action causes a reaction of same power but opposite direction”. The only difference between objects and human beings is that humans case the reaction doesnt have to be in the opposite direction – humans can use the action, make it stronger, make use of it.

Days 152-7 – National Youth Development Seminar

A 5 days long conference aiming to get theory and practice (and a load of fun) to new members and get some knowledge to the senior guys.

I dont intend to tell You about the agenda of it, if You are interested in that, just ask me for the Output (I dont have it uploaded on the server any more).

What I want to tell You is how does it feel to be culturarly shocked in a way I didnt expect. When Kartik, the chair, asked about how should he behave and how will the people be, me and my team tried to prepare him for the worse. “Most people will go to sleep straight after sessions”, “Dont expect rollcalls and dancing in general will be rare”, “A part of the people will be not very much in fun and will be rather withdrawn“…

The truth was quite shocking, in a positive way. Kartik forgot about all what we have told him as soon as he entered the plenary (which was 4 hours late, like always). He started to cheer and be really outgoing and as soon Islamabadis unleashed their dance… Suprises had no end :)

I can tell You that after 6 years in AIESEC I have not seen a conference with so many jives, friendly talking and night random fun… and that all without alcohol and behaving all appropriate. Was actually also the first time I have properly been an ambassador of Slovakia, explaining where is it, how is it, even why is it (as the chapter of separation of Slovakia from Czech republic was of an apparent interest to Pakistanis).

Thank You guys… Was a very deep experience, ups and downs, deeps thoughts and pure random fun, and a State of Emergency, but thats a different story… actually my next post.

Days 125-6 – My first visit to Hyderabad (MC team days)

For those of You who are confused now because they had the feeling that Hyderabad is India – You are correct. For those of You who are confused because doubt I had time (and visa) to get to India – You are correct….

There is city of Hyderabad both in India and Pakistan.

The most I was interested in the Hyderabad fort, which is right now a part of the city, in other words, its not that just people live in it, it has become just a “big house” in the middle of other houses. Hydarabad had a very interesting history. Sadly we didnt have time to go there… next time soon!

You can read it whole here on wikipedia. But some excerpts:
- was once called Paris of India, its streets have been washed with parfume every day
- the Hyderabad fort built in 1700s and today fully inhabitated
- biggest producer of bangles in the World
- seat of Bombay Bakery, one of most famous bakeries in Pakistan

Day 104 – AIESEC promo!

Today was only working day… I was a guest at the AIESEC Karachi infosession, I am sorry but I forgot to take pictures.

It was quite OK, but more people have been expected… Lets hope that we can get more for the other infosessions… cross fingas

Pic: I had at least time to play with a cute kitty :)

Day 100 – A long day of a new UK guy

As it already becomes casual in Pakistan… another intern came :D

Andrew Webster from UK has arrived… At 5 am. After welcome at airport we went straight to a real pakistani breakfast and than for a looong sleep as the night before we have spent tidying our flat (started at midnight and finished at 4 am) and have not slept at all.

Straight after that we went to a party. We actually had no idea who is inviting and what is it about :) It was actually a party of “ambassadors” in a house of one of the bunch of serious, but funloving people… I can tell You, Pakistani beer tastes weird, can not say bad, but weird…

Click on the pic to see more…