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Day 164 – Beach again and dandia

Ok, I guess first of all You are interested what is Dandia. Well, even most of the people who went for this event didnt know for sure :)

Simply said, Dandia is dancing with two sticks, one in each hand, where rythm is made (following the music) by banging of sticks of Yours or with a fellow dancer. Its originally a hindi tradition that had something to do with rain (I didnt understand that very clearly). In this case the DJ was kinda bad in playing any original pakistani or indian songs and thus the whole thing changed into a disco with sticks in Your hand :P

Now what took the most of the day was the beach… We (MC and interns) took part in annual IBA University trip along with few AIESECers from IBA who invited us. Beach house, loud music, amazing food, games and lots of people (5 buses).

My affection for the sea and the beach looks like not to be a temporary one. I enjoy immensely every single time we go. I have been swimming, playing in sand, walking the beach… really feeling relaxed and having some beautiful sights (eventhough didnt take too many pictures). Thank You guys very much for the invites, anytime again!

Apart from all of that one moment was interesting. A man came to me and asked “Do You know anybody here? And do You actually enjoy it here? Because I was watching You during the day and You have been always alone, if swimming or walking, not talking to people much.”
…Thinking back, its true, I have not been. For some reason I enjoy being alone in the middle of a lot of people – seing them have fun, looks like that it shows again that despite all that clownish masquarade, I am still a lonely shooter.

Day 068 – Biggest waves of my life…

Story is simple.. offer is given to go for a trip to the sea, KLepo agrees… four guys playing in huge waves on three different parts of the beach… Comments are useless, pictures matter….

We also went for a swim, waves have been big, some of them two meters above sea level… And they teach You one thing very soon: You fight them without knowledge, You are sweaped away, You float with them You fall asleep, You go under and You dont even notice them, You swim with them and they take You far.

Day 045 – Waves all around my body!

Its 2:35 am. I have told everybody I was chatting with that I am going to sleep and I went… But as soon as I closed my eyes the waves of air from the fan changed into waves of seawater and my bed has changed into a beach with grainy sands

We have spent the day at the beach, it included maybe 2 hours of playing in the waves, trying to get the feeling of laundry in the washing machine… Playing like little kids with a lot of natives watching and after a while joining.

Do You also have the thing that when You close Your eyes to go to sleep, the thing that gave You the strongest emotions that day will just crystalize in front of You? Thats what this was… I will be leaving You now, going to float on the waves again, feeling the salicity on my lips and the power of sea thrashing me around like loose puppet…

I wish everynight when I close my eyes, there will be a vision of something I did that day in front of my eyes, that would mean I did that day something worth experiencing again…

Want to see some pictures? I have decided not to sleep for some more 20 minutes and upload them… Here are some, tomorrow I will upload more.

Day 016 – Trip to the public beach

It was a weird Saturday, after working we agreed to meet at the office and decide where to go… It took us one hour and lots of phonecalls to make a list of possibilities (as You might see at picture below, there is not at all many, Karachi is quite a boring city!).

…btw, its Emad, he is not frustrated (not too much), just posing…

We have picked to go to the beach and than watch a movie. I am adding pictures from the beach, it was surelly beautiful, in my kind of perception. For some others it could have been only lots of people on a piece of sand with the colour and softness of concrete. Some say that it is a result of a eco disaster – oil tank crash – that happened in 2003 (others claim it was like this always).

It was amazing to see all the sellers of: roasted corn, bread, sweets, cigarettes, icecream. As attraction You can buy: ride on camel or horse, that a guy takes out a snake out of his sack and lets it dance by flute… In fact if You pay enough, he will let the cobra fight a weasel, but thats a dirty business, because the snake or the weasel dies in it… Dirty business.

And I have finally been flying a kite… In the city of wind, the temptation to fly a kite was huge, but I couldnt find it anywhere. And now there it is – sellers with a plastic aeroplane made out of trash. I have to admit that the design is amazingly simple and efficient.