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Days 285-292 – a week in life or a trainee in Pakistan :)

Now this is just to show what a person can do in Pakistan within one week… it was not my week, but I was there, so I can write about it :)

The girl is Anna a.k.a. Maya from Hungary… The tickets from Budapest to Karachi sounded expensive so she took a flight to India and from over there took a bus to Lahore – Pakistan, we picked her up right after crossing the Paki-India border…

Since her arrival till now she has:
- been to Shalimar Gardens
- been for a cinema show of a 3-hours long Punjabi movie called Gulabo (rosebud)
- took a ride on a rollercoaster for 0,5 USD
- felt sick because of all the spicy food
- bought her first Shalwar Kameez
- been to Badshahi Mosque, old city of Lahore and Food Street
- took with the MC a 23 hours long train ride from Lahore to Karachi
- got bitten by miriads of mosqitos and found the miracle of Repellent
- had the first day in company (Unilever) and was busy since first minute
- been to Mohatta Palace and the Beach park in Karachi
- organized an AIESEC+Hungary presentation for the company people
- on weekend suggested that we go to Thatta, so we did :)

…time limitations are only in Your head, maybe I should be little bit creative with my time too.

Day 177 – I am in Pakistan

‘World’s most dangerous country’ … I wanted to write about how does it feel like. And now somehow dont know how to start. How would You write about Your home?

Well, first of all, its not an adventure. I dont know if this is how life feels like in cities like Baghdad or Kabul, cities that are supposed to be very dangerous, I dont know (yet).
All I know when I look around at my Karachi, is that this is not a battle field, nor dangerous ground, nor police state. It is a normal city, city of a kind I have not seen before – which is logical, because when it comes to its size and cultural background of this country, I have never been in any other one. Its not that safe as my homecountry, but I am finding out that there are few places where it is as safe as back home-home (Slovakia).

My life here is normal by many standards. I dont walk out on my own too much, just to shop and back, very few times I have actually walked somewhere else. And I do feel a touch of nervousness and look around me more often than in Slovakia, but sadly thats how most of the world is. And it is the price I am prepared to pay. Pay for what? This is what I have written about my stay here for the package for MC applicants:

“If you come here to Pakistan for whatever purpose, be ready that your head will just sometimes feel like blowing up. If its work, culture or opinions of people, its all so different that sometimes you just feel really surreal, feel like “this is a dream”…and than you feel your assumptions and mindsets brake down and find out that you just got another lesson of real life.

Nothing is the way it seems. Mindsets and truths are changing every day. The more paradoxes the more interesting challenge of understanding there is. The more You have to try to look through the eyes of the other people – and that is what makes me feel special.

Not every day seems amazing, but than you just look out of  the window and find out how special the day was, because you are on a special place and do stuff you never thought you would. Pakistan really is the land of Pure, because it will help you discorer the pure YOU.

Day 149 – Jinnahs mausoleum (Quaid-e-Azam)

Quaid-e-Azam is a name given to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan by Pakistanis, it means “Great leader”. On a random Sunday the interns have asked me if I want to join for a trip to his mausoleum.. I said “sure” :)

The building is very massive and is visible from far, it is actually very simple in architecture but the closer You get the more impressive it is. As the park around the mausoleum is huge (53 hectares), a lot of people are coming here just to hang out, but picnics are officially forbidden.

Few facts: The dome is 43 meters high and 75 meters wide/long, built on 4 meters high platform. 15 successive fountains head to it. Finished in 1970.

We have come here during sunset and have seen not just the tomb itself but also the procedure of putting down the flag and also how the lights went up. We have left to early to see how it looks like during night.

Definitelly a place to go to… not just to see the tomb, but also because of the people as for most of the visitors take this as an occassion and come in very nice colourful clothes, all parfume and make-up… As example, in one moment (dont ask me why) maybe 50 girls with all colours of clothes showed up.

Day 102 – An exiled premier (tried) come back

This is something like news break

Today morning I am chatting with Cileia from Switzerland who is in Islamabad working for Mobilink… …I knew that exiled prime minister Sharif is planning to come back from articles already a while before, but since than it was so quiet that I have forgotten.

And today morning she is asking me “How is Karachi?”… As there was absolute no difference between this day and the day before for me, I said “nothing“.

And only than she told me that she is at home, because whole Islamabad is closed down, roads blocked, offices and shops closed (actually is holydays), communal right canceled… Sharif is comming and gov is afraid about uproars…

How did it finish? As soon as he got out of plane, he got busted and sent back to Saudi Arabia.

…Asking me what it means? I dont know, his rule was not considered by very good by anybody I asked (said to do corruption BIG time), so his talks about bringing democracy back are quite questionable. What I know is that Pakistan is supposed to have elections this Fall. But nobody knows if they happen in 3 weeks, 3 months or not happen at all.

Day 070 (09.08.2007) – I AM here (in Pakistan)

One of the best things about being in Pakistan is that You are in PAKISTAN. Often I just walk around the flat and see somewhere written “Pakistan” and it grabs my attention, just to in next moment realize that its nothing special because I AM IN PAKISTAN!

I guess only very few understand what I mean, but those who do know exactly what it means… It means that You think, what a nice dream, just to realize that You are living it :D

Day 065 – Islamabad, the city of peace… and crazy suicide bombers

I have been to Islamabad for a week, an AIESEC conference, I had my concerns, but now I am where I am, Karachi, and want to talk to You about that :)

For me Islamabad is a city of green, city of peace, city of quiet life…

Islamabad was created by plan. Its a grid, G4, F6, E1… There is still a lot of space for trees and grass, it all looks to me, a Slovak guy used to free nature, like a big park, but still its a nice feeling. Seeing all the green and open space after brownish and crowded Karachi is relaxing. The hills, strange shaped, covered by jungle are an interesting sight. The jungle that I have seen looks like a common forest anywhere in Slovakia, but I have not seen its wild part, only the civilized part… I am so much looking forward to see the real one… and the Himalayas…. My Ithaca :) (those who read my posts, they know what I mean)

How anybody can do anything in the name of hatter in this place I can not understand…

We went to a restaurant high above the city, what a beautiful place. The Shah Faisal, the biggest mosque in the world, hills around the city covered by forests and I dont know what else…

Here are few pics…