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Days 285-292 – a week in life or a trainee in Pakistan :)

Now this is just to show what a person can do in Pakistan within one week… it was not my week, but I was there, so I can write about it :)

The girl is Anna a.k.a. Maya from Hungary… The tickets from Budapest to Karachi sounded expensive so she took a flight to India and from over there took a bus to Lahore – Pakistan, we picked her up right after crossing the Paki-India border…

Since her arrival till now she has:
- been to Shalimar Gardens
- been for a cinema show of a 3-hours long Punjabi movie called Gulabo (rosebud)
- took a ride on a rollercoaster for 0,5 USD
- felt sick because of all the spicy food
- bought her first Shalwar Kameez
- been to Badshahi Mosque, old city of Lahore and Food Street
- took with the MC a 23 hours long train ride from Lahore to Karachi
- got bitten by miriads of mosqitos and found the miracle of Repellent
- had the first day in company (Unilever) and was busy since first minute
- been to Mohatta Palace and the Beach park in Karachi
- organized an AIESEC+Hungary presentation for the company people
- on weekend suggested that we go to Thatta, so we did :)

…time limitations are only in Your head, maybe I should be little bit creative with my time too.

Day 100 – A long day of a new UK guy

As it already becomes casual in Pakistan… another intern came :D

Andrew Webster from UK has arrived… At 5 am. After welcome at airport we went straight to a real pakistani breakfast and than for a looong sleep as the night before we have spent tidying our flat (started at midnight and finished at 4 am) and have not slept at all.

Straight after that we went to a party. We actually had no idea who is inviting and what is it about :) It was actually a party of “ambassadors” in a house of one of the bunch of serious, but funloving people… I can tell You, Pakistani beer tastes weird, can not say bad, but weird…

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