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Day 010 – The beauty of women vs. Hijab..html

According to some sources the custom of covering of face/body of females dates back to Jingiskhan. One of his wifes was flirting too much and that is why he ordered her to cover herself up. The custom was common among Jews, early Christians and of course also among Muslims. The difference is that in Christianity it stayed in usage only for nuns and in Islam it has been accepted as a common practice.

And now we are at the source of problem… What was just a common practice was transformed into a rigid rule. In the recent years it has become a symbolical issue. Right now hijab became one of the symbols of true Islam. We have been faced with conflicts that have been caused by wearing hijab (forbidden in schools in France; Egypt and Turkey are running an agressive campaign against Hijab – see cases brought up by Amnesty International that included violence on women) and cases where women were abused for not wearing it, or wearing it in a “unsifficient” way (common also in Pakistan)…

But my point was simple in the fact, that the women in Pakistan are a litle bit of mistery, showing only the face and You are not supposed to stare at them, but only catch a glimpse. Of course I am not talking about Burka (whole face cover), but about the scarfs around the heads and shoulders of girls. With combination of their love for traditional-alike patterns and bright colours it makes them look often very beautiful

For those guys who are looking for girls who look innocent and precious, its very easy to fall in love here :)

Good thing that I rather prefer lil crazy, smart, rather strong, impulsive girls that are ready to fight with anybody… :D

Day 009- The beauty of nature…

This idea came to my mind while watching at the demolished house on the beach…

Its often the desolation of man`s creation that lets the beauty of work of nature stand out, the simple presence of a man makes the nature look weak and enslaved.

Or is it just that the beauty is in the eyes of beholder and its me who likes these views? Is it an accident that among my favourite movies are those that show the end of our days (Children of Men, 28 days later)?

Day 297 – Goals shoud be unpractical

So what kind of crazy thoughts come to my head these times?

Well the goals are:
- finish MC in Pakistan on 1st of July
- travel Pakistan for 2-3 weeks
- go back to Slovakia in an interesting way (I still dont know what it means)
- travel Slovakia and Czech republic for some month
- while being in Slovakia, walk/hike it from East to West (like 2 weeks?)

Day 283 – 3 thoughts from mr. Incredible

I know that I already did a post on the conference (National Strategic Conference 2008), but this is something different…

I have been dealing with an HR+training company called Navitus for the conference (and beyond), one of the basic things I noticed at these guys is that everything is possible – whatever You suggest, their reply is: sure, sounds cool, just send us some more info and we see what we can do…

One of the things they gave AIESEC Pakistan (without us even considering such an option) was that a guy called Sarmad Tariq would come and deliver a speech at the closing plenary. Who is Sarmad? A guy who lost everything he had – purpose of life and ability to move anything apart from his head, but didnt give up. He has gained partly both of it, he still cant walk but he has a damn interesting life…

And he told us a few things about him and his view on life…

Quote 1:
I dont want to stay/go to place that reminds me about what I cant do, but a place that challenges me and gives me satisfaction about what I can do.

Quote 2:
Pain is temporary, pride is for ever.

Quote 3:
There is a physical law: “every action causes a reaction of same power but opposite direction”. The only difference between objects and human beings is that humans case the reaction doesnt have to be in the opposite direction – humans can use the action, make it stronger, make use of it.

Day 268 – a moment on the train when I was happy

Just a random moment… took my block of paper (that I was supposed to use for conference sessions planning) and wrote down my thoughts….  and there they go:

Its because of moments like this I really like Pakistan. I will try to describe the situation. I am in a train, its already night, sitting at the window. Window is open, wind coming in, dark country dotted with lights and rumbligh of the train outside. And whats inside? In front of me, through the gap between seats I can see a small boy in brigh orange jumper trying to find something interesting to do. While his father is lying on the seat and just laughs at him. To my left is a man with white long beard – a man who would have problems to enter Your country because of how he looks like – teacher at a medical university, he is talking to my friend (pakistani) about school system in Pakistan and world – funny is that they speak English, so I can understand what they are saying (hellloo! two pakistanis are speaking English, they dont even know I am listening, its natural for them – native English). And behind me, through the seats gap I can hear two Pakistani women chatting in Urdu (about I have no idea what).

A small story from few minutes ago that might help You understand the openness of people here: if You are in the train, reading a book or newspaper and put it down, anybody around can just pick it up and start reading, he doesnt even feel like its needed to ask You for allowance – why would You now agree?

By the way, the man who picked up the book was the same one who is talking now about the school system. And to make the moment even more special – he was asked to make (run) the evening prayer. When You are traveling You are not obligated to pray – but if You want… So he is saying the prayer alound and few join in it in silence. He does it on the corridor of the train – only space possible – some people have to wait for them to finish before they can pass… nobody minds.

And to really get an insight into Pakistani people, right after the old man went to run the prayer, the friend of mine, who was talking to him, has turned to me with a big ironic/sarcastic smile and said “that was random!” – they are the most sarcastic people I have ever met. I actually do think they have been through so much shit that humour is a way out – and it really works, they go over problems and within days make fun of them.

Day 260 – three cases of missinterpreting Islam

I will not even talk about things like people blowing themselves up in the name of Allah who will send them straight to deepest hell, because they commit murder… The cases are  different, from three different points of view, all highly media covered…

Scene one: Sudan – teddy bear case
A primary school teacher was charged for “letting 7-years old children in her class name a teddybear Mohammed“. It was part of a lesson where the kids were supposed to pick a name for the teddybear, so they picked the most favorite name of theirs. If You are not able to find what is the problem, the religion-protectors found it as an offence to name a toy by the name of the prophet Mohammed… (read original text)

Silly isnt it? And pointless! Conservative Islam doesnt agree with depicting people and most of all holy people, because it doesnt want them to become subjects of worship, true – but putting this case in the same category is idiotic! And no talks about cultural sensitivity – that is not the case here! If this is blasphemy how DARE the protectors of faith name their sons with the name of the Prophet? Do they claim that their son is worth the Prophets name? Stupidity!
She was in jail for a week waiting for the court to decide, was supposed to be given 15 days of jail, but has been pardoned by the president… and than deported from the country…

And to finish the story – a worker at the school has been fired and accused that it was her who started the whole thing… She claims to be innocentand has her life screwed big time as nobody wants to employ her and her family is being harrassed… As I say, pure Stupidity in all directions. (read article)

Scene two: England – bishop supports implementation of Sharia law
A bishop has told in an interview that he thinks that some aspects of Muslim law – sharia should be implemented in UK law, mostly in field of economy and marriages. As result a virtual “stoning” by media and even politicians started, not a single word of support worth notice…
And I feel like puke – PUKE – P.U.K.E. – vomit! If you are looking for a couple of guys who would kill all the Muslims in Your town, try for example this page. The comments of people to the topic are so absurd, simple minded and “I am right and who doesnt agree is s sissy and leftish liberalist!”…. pure disgust…

Ironic: if You get married in Pakistan under Muslim law, Your marriage is valid in UK, but in UK its not possible to get married under Muslim law… isnt that weird?
MEGA ironic: during the carnage and shit throwing, the news from Nov 07 that UK government will issue Sharia-compliant bonds has made it to headlines again… (read original text)

…the whole thing is about exagerrating and missinterpreting. But it perfectly fits into the scheme of “war on terror“, because war needs propaganda (doesnt matter if the war is/not “just”) and fear and hate of the enemy is a basic propaganda element… I guess those who came up with the term “war on terror” got more than they asked for

Scene three: Iran – government forces people to follow Sharia-called rules
Well, in last year or so the conservative elements of the government of Iran have started to push on following of some rules that they call Sharia. First of all, there is nothing like Muslim law, its just a collection of instructions taken from Koran and Muslim traditions that a power-party or religious group proclaims to be Sharia. Forget the concept of a book of Muslim law, Koran is not a book of law, but a collection of verses on God and Life… Thus logically Muslim law is actually the law of the power group… and often the power group chooses different rules than the people would.

Iran in last year has seen persecutions of women who had their head scarf not “non-transparent enough” or of not enough of length etc. Really ridiculous crap because of simple reason – people of the countrz (muslims) do not agree with those rules. Understand, Muslims are pushed to follow a “Muslim” law that they do not agree with, thus there are only two options:   a) they are not Muslim, b) the law is not Muslim…

You pick, but I have been told that women after comming from outside fling the piece of cloth on the ground – because they are made to wear it, not because they believe in it. What in Turkey becomes a symbol of “free presentation of being Muslim” is in Iran a way “of raping the beliefs of people”…