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My travels in Slovakia

This map is here to show You an up-to-date status of my fooling around in Slovakia in the few weeks I have here between coming from Pakistan and before leaving again, this time to Ghana :)

Thus between 1.8.2008 and 20.9.2008…

To explain – orange lines are those trips I made hitchhiking and black are those that I walked/hiked.

See my pictures from these trips and their position on map here:

About Slovakia

This is where is Slovakia:

And this is our coat of arms and flag:

Size: 49.000 square km; 396 km “wide” and 220 km “tall”

Population: 5.5 mio out of which 0.5 mio live in the capital Bratislava, 45% of Slovaks live in villages with fewer than 5000 inhabitants, and 14% in villages with fewer than 1000. The majority of Slovak citizens (69%) practice Roman Catholicism; the second-largest group consider themselves atheists (13%). About 6.9% are Protestants, and 0.9% are Orthodox. There are supposed to be around 5000 Muslims in Slovakia.

Short history: was part of Kingdom of Hungary and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After WW1 in 1918 has agreed with Czechs (who are very similar in culture and history) to form a common state that lasted till WW2 when Nazis made Czech republic part of the German Empire and Slovakia was made a separate (but not at all independent) state. After WW2 in 1945 the two nations joined again into one state. In 1948 communist took over in democratic elections but later banned all other parties and didnt loose their grip till 1989. In 1993, when the two nations were not able to agree on form of government in the now federation of Slovak and Czech Republic, it was decided to split into two independent states. This split was absolutely peaceful and the two states have been closely cooperating since. In 2004 Slovakia joined EU and NATO, in 2007 became part of Schengen and in 2009 will adopt EURO as currency.

Why to come?: well read this blog to find out or browse for some more info, dont feel like listing everything that can be interesting now :)