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my pictures from Slovakia

…I have finally started to upload them, soon there will be also short posts here that will give little bit more insight into them and my days here.

the pics are here:

PS: for those who are looking for my Pakistan pictures are at:

Why (and what) Slovakia blog?

There are three reasons why I am starting this webspace for those few weeks I will stay in my home country.

Firstly, I am not the best in doing presentations about Slovakia, I realized that during my one year stay in Pakistan – I didnt make a single one. Despite the fact I love this little country…

At the same time the situation is made even worse by the fact that countries are often so different that its hard to answer “how is it?” – we might speak the same language (English) but just wont understand what we mean because of the different experiences, thats why its really hard to describe it.

And as point three – You know the least about what is Your home. To explain – home is home, home doesnt have to have sense, home is not the most interesting place in the world (thats why we travel), home is what we live in but dont realize…

…so the result is a blog written by a Slovak guy who still little feels like a tourist/stranger in his own country and took on the challenge to see as much of it as possible during the limited time I have and am free to travel.

Oh, and why exactly am I doing this? To pay my duty in introducing Slovakia to other people, so that I can finally answer the question “how is Slovakia?” and because now I able to do so because I try to walk around and see things through the eyes of a foreigner. I hope You will enjoy, I do think Slovakia is really worth more than just one visit…