I know what I did last summer

This summer was great, because I actually went out and met people, instead of just doing walks and trips on my own. I just went to places where there was fun looking forward to have fun and had it.. while mostly finding out I am not the only one who is having fun :) I had talks, I had dances, I had beers, I had trips. Thank you all. And in order not to forget, I have decided to write it down:

  • 13.-14.6. – www.zelifest.cz – my first small festival and a lot of fun, total randomness, naked punkers and new people :)
  • 28.-29.6. – taking my bike (bought in 2010 for 1000 kc) for a trip to Brdy with 3 guys whose rides were between 30-85.000 czk
  •  5.7. – floating down sazava on a thing made out of plastic bags and a piece of cloth
  • 12.13.6. – walking trip that became more of a drunk fun walk including sleeping in a tent in park of Ceske Budejovice
  • 17.-20.7. – Colours of Ostrava :D
  • 25.-27.7. – minifestival in Dobris, followed by a roadtrip to swim in Vltava, disco in a camp and jumping off a bridge on rope
  • 2.-5.8. – weekend in Banska Bystrica
  • 7.-17.8. – trekking in Catalanian Pyrenees
  • 22.8. – my first drum’n'base party till morning next to a lake (I did go to swim)
  • 23.8. – great film Gottland in an old industrial railway station (Zizkov)
  • 24.8. – www.cajomir.cz – tea festival
  • 28.8.-1.9. – climbing feratas around Dachstein
  • 3.9. – premiere of Sin City 2
  • 6.9. – concert of Wanastovy Vjeci
  • 12.-13.9. – minifestival www.coolvplote.cz in Pisek, including sleeping in park and sleeping over at the house of a total stranger I met in the street at 2am
  • 14.9. – doing a D/E ferata over water (with some places under water) in Bechyne
  • 21.9. – rafting on wild water
  • 26.-27.9 – minifestival in Unetice, including climbing and roping down a rock for a cache
  • 2.-5.10 – weekend in Bratislava

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