If you are reading this…

…than get your ass up and go out! Seriously.

Today I came from work with a plan to go do some shopping (headphones and washing powder), but got hooked up to stupid stuff on internet instead. Before I realized it was 22:10 but I still did put on my running shoes and went to the park/castle hill close to my place.

There I found out that some 200 kids are having fun there drumming, doing firedancing and getting intoxicated. Fire and drums is a good combination and the fact that I have done some running made me feel even better.

Generally a fine evening worth remembering – and there is shit load of things you are missing out by sitting at the pc now too… so get the hell out. If you dont know where to go, ask me – I will do the googling for you :) [but only during workhours or late night before going to sleep, other times I am inshallah not on internet]

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