The Strongest or Meek shall inherit the world?

Setting the expectations:

…dont expect any mindblowing revelations, just some thoughts that I find interesting and you might decided to read and think about too :)

Intro points:

  1. If you browse for the quotes of Darwin you might run into the sum up that its all about “Survival of the strongest”
  2. Bible says that “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”


Do these two statements collide?

Form and motivation:

This is not a religious study, just a set of thoughts that you are very welcome to ponder upon and that I think might shed a little light on our world in all its sizes – from the evolution to our daily interactions in office.

I have been reading….

First, a few words about a seemingly unconnected topic. If you are to train a group of e.g. lions you need to identify the exact hierarchy of the group – who is the strongest/first (alpha) and last (omega). Than you need to establish yourself as the new alpha and choose the tricks for each lion wisely. The omega animal will be the keenest to get into your attention and good favor. This is the one that will train the hardest and do the most difficult tricks so that it increases its position in the pack and also to assure that you=alpha will protect it from the rest of the pack. Thus from our=audience point of view this animal will be the “smartest”, but in fact its just the most flexible.

I have been thinking…

We mostly assume “strong” to mean the “physically most fit”. But the strongest animal is the hardest to tame and least probable to change according to a changed environment. In fact Darwin can be summed up as “Survival of the fittest”. Which is often the Omega animal as in order to survive it must be the most flexible, adaptible – you can even say intelligent or… meek.

So my answer is…

Those two statements dont collide at all. They are very much about the same.

Daily life usage…

People (like all creatures) tend to be the most impressed with the strongest (alpha). You can see that when kids (but also some trainers, teamleaders) are choosing their teams – they want the biggest, strongest, fastest players. But what might happen is that you end up with a team of stars and no teamplayers – flexible people.

But you can take it even further. The world is ruled by the Alphas that impress us and thus we put them in the front or can push themselves through, and by the Omegas who have the best ability to change their behaviour according to the current conditions. Consider this next time when you find yourself wondering why so many companies are managed by this dumb strong guy who just uses raw power, or by this sleazy coat changing prick.

How to use this…

If you are ruled by the alpha, you can not fight him/her with power – s/he will try to crush you and assure its dominance. If you show yourself to be flexible and as accepting his/her power, you will be given more and more space to act – you wont be seen as a challenger but as a valued asset (part of his/her power).

If you are under a weasel, you will most probably not gain a position of power by reflecting everyone of his/her whims. You need to build a position where you are irreplaceable but at the same time strong enough to hold your stance.


  • strength and flexibility and all characteristics are not good or bad by definition, you can meet warmhearted muscleballs or the smartest flexi-guys, its just that we mostly see the negatives so thats why I devoted the text to “fighting” them. I am sure you see also the positive applications :)
  • I have not told you anything new – you knew all this already before. True, most of us do. But its good to be reminded from time to time :)

…this aint no blog

…after those ages of no updates I doubt there is ever someone coming to this web to check out for updates, but that is kinda all fine with me.

This place stopped being a blog sometime in 2008 or so when I got tired of updating every week just as speedily as I got into it in 2007. So what now with this place? Recently I have been faced with a lot of soul-searching and thinking moments, or rather moments that made me realize I need to think and do some soul-searching. And as its easier for me to think when writing I have decided to put down my thoughts and to put them down here.

So welcome.

What stuff shall be posted here? Cant say, because I dont know :)

the story of the cracks in the world, othere reality and invisible people

Let me tell You a story…

Once upon the time… for example also right now, in a place far far away… but also right behind Your doorstep, there was/is the ground and people, lots of them. But there are cracks in the ground, You cant see them, You cant touch them but they are there, because from time to time people slip through them to the other world and become invisible to the rest of us. We know they are t/here, sometimes for fractions of second we see them but then our vision slips back into what we want to see and they dissappear…

It started yesterday with me starting to read this graphic novel Midnight Nation by J. Michael Straczynski (, even though it actually started long time before. But lets first talk about the book – its a story of a man who finds out that apart from the world and people as we know it, there are also other people here… They were like us but then they dissappeared from our reality – were overlooked, ignored and walked past so much that they actually stopped existing for us and became invisible for us… just like we became for them. Now both “breeds” live in the same world but cant see each other. While we go around doing our business of pursuit of happiness and TV, they have to fight for their souls because thats the last thing they have left.

Sounds like a weird piece of sci-fi to You? Did the same to me until I came to the epilogue, where he explained that the inspiration and motivation came from what he has seen happening – how normal people start living on the street and are overlooked and avoided by the normal folk like they dont exist and so after a while these people also give up trying to be one of us and get lost in the other reality – they slip the cracks. Just think when was the last time You actually admitted they are human? Normal people You say “hello”, “please” or “good day”? When did You last time ask any of them for an advice about the direction? When was the last time You actually even as much as looked at them?

I had the head full of these thoughts when I went to the shop tonight, it was past 22:00 when I exited and noticed an elderly woman with crutches and a stack of plastic bags next to her feet eating a piece of bread right outside of the mall… First my body went into auto mode – head down, gaze on feet, walk past. But than it cracked me – its maybe 7°C, night, if I could at least get her something hot to drink. I went back to the mall looking for a vending machine, none was found and was actually somewhere inside hoping she will be gone when I exit again, so that I dont have to go through the embarrasing/awkward/? task of getting in contact with an invisible… She was there (like she had where to go…) so I went to her and asked the most simple and straight question: “are you hungry?”. Her answer was simple and true “yes”, accompanied with a look of surprise and a hint of fear of something unknown as one of the bywalkers admiting her existence. I shared some of the stuff I just bought in the shop – she was very thankful for the milk, apple and some meat, but what made her most happy was that I sat to her and did just chat with her. I have been with her for maybe an hour, talking little about her past and mine, life in general and hints of her current life. And let me tell You this – it was like talking to a mom/grandmother of any of Your friends – a normal person You dont know personally but is fine to talk to and at the age of 65 whose age is showing but still she is not giving up the life. She was so normal that without the visual I could be sitting next ot any auntie in a shop or bus (not that I am too good in that – I feel strange in such a discussion, I think it might be that older people think and talk in slower speed. I am bad at going with people who are slower tham me, in any meaning of the word – its more natural for me to run on my own and than wait rather than slow down to their pace).

I made the next step, on Wednesday there is bank holiday here in Czech Republic, and as I dont have any program I accepted/suggested to meet in the morning with her and let her show me the part of city she lives/d in, one of the parts that is slightly forgotten and still has the feel of a hundreds year old town – in good and bad. I will see how it goes, worst case I will buy her a hot tea…

It was an experiment and it worked. I will do it more often. Because its only when You see these people and accept their existence, let them know that You still consider them human, will they also consider human themselves and maybe find a way back out of the other world, back among us – “living”, in good and bad. Because think what You want, even those who using alcohol or drugs have left even this “second” world for the world of pure dissattachment would still accept to become part of the “normal” folk, its just that they gave up looking for ways out…

Please find an invisible human being and bring him/her back to this world where s/he had parents, home and life before s/he slipped the crack, at least for few moments. You might not save his/her life, make them “active citizens” again or stop being dependent on help… but You will make them feel human for a moment again – some people will be happy to be invited to Your birthday party, even if they cant attend… and who knows maybe they will make it.

If you are reading this…

…than get your ass up and go out! Seriously.

Today I came from work with a plan to go do some shopping (headphones and washing powder), but got hooked up to stupid stuff on internet instead. Before I realized it was 22:10 but I still did put on my running shoes and went to the park/castle hill close to my place.

There I found out that some 200 kids are having fun there drumming, doing firedancing and getting intoxicated. Fire and drums is a good combination and the fact that I have done some running made me feel even better.

Generally a fine evening worth remembering – and there is shit load of things you are missing out by sitting at the pc now too… so get the hell out. If you dont know where to go, ask me – I will do the googling for you :) [but only during workhours or late night before going to sleep, other times I am inshallah not on internet]

4chan – the weirdest place on the internetz

this post is 18+ ok?

I have heard about 4chan before, even visited it for some  moments earlier without seeing any sense but for some reason I dont remember anymore I went there again this sunday to figure out wtf is this unfamouse place about.

shorts story long: I got this close to being hooked up

so what is it? in technical terms its a free post/image board that doesnt require registration. anybody can post anything (literally). and so weird pictures and even weirder comments fill in gaps between porn.

for me its a combination of the ideal place to be exhibitionist and gladiator fight arena.

explain “exhibitionist place” : say what you want we all want to be special, recognized, be seen, basically walk the street naked. at the same time we are all very afraid of the consequences and loosing of social status. in here its all anonymous, you can say and do whatever you want and actually be at your weirdest to get the attention from the thousands of users online at any moment of time. so dont be surprised to see girls and boys showing their reproductive shit just to get attention of some people for a maximum of 1,5 hour – because it takes maximum this time before a thread gets so old that is automatically deleted. the reason is that the page has not memory, if a thread is beyond the 15th page it just disappears. its the ultimate attention seekers in us showdown.

explain “gladiator fight”: bread and games. flashes of genius mixing with utter nonsense but also really nasty/evil things. for the amusement of viewers lifes are being destroyed, secretes revealed and shockers delivered.

and here be some examples of what I have seen being discussed during one single day:

  • for the amusement of masses: go to, pretend to be a 13 year old girl, find a guy who will talk about sex with you and show his penis, get his msn/email, find his facebook, send a message to the persons family, friends and boss, that the guy is a pedophile/pervert and include a printscreen of the chat, pretend to be a stressed mother or the harmed underage girl. repeat
  • girls who will strip in front of webcam just to keep attention of viewers for some time.. so called attention whores
  • how-to guides on: how to construct an RPG, tie a shoe in 20 different ways, get access to pictures on facebook of a person using the info from the filename, hack a facebook account, get high by hyperventilation, set up a proxy, find out what is the time from the sun height, make a crossbow from pencils, tie an executioners knot, tie a tie, make cookies in microwave, make crack tabs, read the palm, xray clothes on pictures and I dont know what else.
  • copies of past communications where people asked questions like: “i want to have sex with my daughter, what do you think?” or “i think my sister is hitting on me” or a kid saying “I have a rifle I am carrying it with me to school”… and making a mistake of giving a slight detail too much (original file name, badly removed name from pic, college jersey, email…) and be tracked down by the scherlocks on the forums – down to their names, addresses, phone numbers and pictures and being ordered pizzas, gay strippers, visits from mormon preachers, reported to police or anything you can imagine just for “great justice and lolz”. The guy with the guy got actually caught with a loaded rifle in the school and got jailed…
  • some of the most funny pictures I have ever seen of all cathegories, both totally dumb and highly nerdy
  • sources of all the internet memes you can think of… and more

its easy to get hooked up, like a TV that changes the channel every 1 minute and there is basically always something interesting on. but I will fight the urge and will not visit it anymore but how I understand how a 15 year old gets easily sucked into internet…

And as last piece… One of the how to`s gave an advice how to get crazy lucid dreams and partial paralysis: when going to sleep, lay on your back and dont move. Your body will itch and you will feel like stirring – thats your brain testing if you are already sleeping. If you resist and dont move, the sleep-part will assume that you are asleep and will start with the dream sequence, but because you are awake you will dream with full consciousness!

Of course I have decided to try this out and as I went to sleep with fresh memories of this weird place. Which resulted in very vivid dreams for the whole night in the form of 4chan boards! what i mean is that my dreams were very much realistic but in the form of picture and text threads on a pc screen. image some of the old text and picture based games – thats how. Weird it was I can tell you that.

So long, time to sleep and wake up for work tomorrow… lets see what strange sights will my dreams offer tonight :)

“Panenka Skakava” or A weekend about a trip about a dog and lots of other things…

Ok, now I have been considering like 20 different titles for this post, but lets now settle down with this one. I guess the most efficient version of the whole weekend experience would be bullet points, at least you will get the feel of how weird it was, point by point. If you have any questions to any of them, just ask (it wont be too many questions as like 2 people currently read my blog :) .. thats what I get for not updating for half a year :P )

  • the expression “Panenka skakava”, freely translated as “Skipping virgin”, is an exclamation like “Jesus Christ” or “Holy cow”. Its fairly common in czech and slovakia, but virtually noone knows that it comes from the name of (now non existing) village Skoky (leaps/jumps) and the picture of Virgin Mary that was reported to cause some miracles (healings, protection from storms) in 18th century when more than 35000 people are reported to come for a yearly pillgrimage, because of this Skoky was also called the Czech Lurdes
  • I wanted to go there on my own based on instructions from web
  • whole week was sunny and warm, friday evening came thunder storm and whole weekend was to be crappy weather
  • miracle#1: instead of at 5:30 I woke up at 6:30 with the train leaving at 7 (last train, any other connection for some 5 hours), sweated I made it into the train
  • from the train window I see a pheasant bird, not sure if I have seen one free ever before… or at least for last few years
  • miracle#2: in first train a lady sits opposite me and reads newspaper, there I notice an article about “be aware, time is changing!”, if not for that I would not know that this weekend on Sunday 2am becomes 3am.
  • I met a group of 5 guys in the train who were checking the map of the area and asked them for some details as I had only a (now I really know for sure) crappy printout of a small area with my path of choice marked on it
  • at 11:00 I was finally in my start-point, village Stedre (Generous), village so small that even the pub went bankrupt
  • I started hiking, after an hour took a path (a cycling track) that was supposed to copy my trail, after hour and half realized the path is taking me South instead of North… lost #1
  • at moment of deciding if to go all the way back I noticed a road under the hill I was on, so I skipped it down and came to a 1m wide river, I cant really jump that far with a bag so needed to build a bridge of broken pieces of wood I found around
  • got into the village, found out the village is so far of my planned trip its not on my crappy map. Instead of going 3,1 km to North-West from Stedra I finished up going 3 km to North, than 2,5 km back South AND 5 km to West :P
  • miracle #3: in the village I finished in (Radyne) starts a marked path going straight to the Skoky village (didnt know that, never heard about the track before)
  • I follow the track for next 3 hours going through beautiful country with nothing but nature, didnt meet a single soul, some 3 times I think I am finally there. Than I run into a village with people thinking WTF (I had no map so no clue there was a village), there a cute big white dog brings me a stick and wants me to play throw with him, I do – its fun and it looks nice on pictures. That dog is with me for the next 24 hours and becomes center to most of the next story.
  • The path goes through woods, meadows and springs, is very well marked but only one-way – the markings are visible only if you go towards Skoky, I think to myself  “going the other direction this way would be pretty difficult, good thing I am taking the other route on way home”
  • dog is fun, runs around, such a happy creature he makes me smile, additional 2 hours of walking or so, I consider calling him Angel
  • I FINALLY come to Skoky, I meet 5 guys there (sounds familiar?) who are just leaving
  • I will stay for night in the deserted village in the ruins of the old Guesthouse, take some pictures, dog refuses to go back home
  • I go to check up the upper floor of the house, 1 m of the staircase is missing but I make it with a big step, after some 1 minute the dog is up there too… Guessing right, when I go down the dumbass cant jump down, I try to carry him but try to pick up a 50kg wiggling scared furry dog. After several attempts, including offering him my leg, hand and own back as steps I decide to go out and find some wide piece of wood to make stairs for him. As soon as I go behind the corner the dog starts whining and crying like I am killing him. After 3 min when I find a suitable piece, the dog runs to me… So much for “I cant go down, help me” theater you sissy…
  • I am hungry, the dog is hungry, he can make a sadder face. I “share” my food, I had enough food for one person for two days… That bitch ates all I offer and beg for more.
  • Problem: I am to sleep on ground in sleeping bag, thus within range of dogs tongue. Thanks god that he is able to understand “sit” and “lie”, not that it would distract him for too long. After a few wrestling matches I find that only solution is to cover my face with blanket, than he leaves me kinda alone.
  • Its 2,5° C outside/inside. Dog is wet, cold and possibly hungry. All he does is whine, run around and try to lick my face. I make him lie down but cant stop him from whining, try to calm him down by giving him my jacket as blanket… Wrong idea, dog is just bored and after a “little” drooling into it decides to check out its taste. Stupid me, jacket has now a decent breathing hole. Thats pisses me off so much that even the dog lies down and shuts up.
  • All night is a chain of following repeating episodes: I wake up because its cold, because the dog is snoring, because dog decides to take a quick walk, because I think I hear the dog chewing on my camera/beer bottle/bag/blanket (thanks god all wrong, its just dogs weird snoring).
  • Morning at 5 am dog succeeds in waking me up.
  • Dog refuses to go home (that idiot has no clue where is it) so as a nice person (with feeling of guilt for letting him go with me and playing throw with him) I decide to track back my steps and return him to his village.
  • Walking back, lost#2: found way after 10 min.
  • I see a group of animals on the field some 50m away, they are too big for deers so I think its cows, at a closer look I realize its Capricorn/Moufflon! Not kidding, I have a picture (not a good one, I had the wide and not zoom lens on, so it took a minute to change + I thought its cows so was not in hurry).
  • The dog starts barking at something, I turn and see he spotted a tiny (moufflon, deer?) calf, first I think of it as weird encounter and take a picture, a second after that realizing that the stupid piece of dog thinks he is a hunter and starts to run after it and before I am able to hit it with a stick he bites the calf in back. I pull the dumb-fuck away and return to check on the calf, its lying in grass giving me a sad look and crying but no blood visible so I hope its ok, take pic and leave some 100m away with the dog. I hope that when I am gone the mom (that I have seen for a sec behind a tree) will come and take it away. I decide to return after some 5 min and if the calf is still there take it with me to village – if mom doesnt come now, she wont come at all. I return and the calf is still there… eyes open, dead. “Angel” broke its neck. At least it was fast. But you can imagine the pang of remorse, if I knew whats coming on I could have saved it… One more reason to bring the now “did I do something bad?” looking dog back home.
  • Soon Lost#3, lost for half an hour, cant figure out where the fuck I came from. I pray (nearly literary) for a sign to see or to meet someone. Miracle#4: After hopelessly walking aside the river thinking “ok, 100 steps more and than I turn back”, I actually run into a group of 5 guys (YES, those) who show me a map and point me to the village I want to go, thanks to their map I finally know the name of the village.
  • I come to the village, a local shows me his home and locks him in the yard of the house. My attempts on stories on how he ate my food and jacket and killed my sleep and a calf leave him calm saying “yeah, he always runs away”… while finishing that sentence the dog is next to me again, jumped the fence :P
  • “locked” in yard again, I eat my last pieces of food and of course as soon as I start the dog is here again. I start taking hike towards the town I am supposed to take train from. Dog follows. Me and dog spend 20 minutes in the “go home!” vs. “sad eyes” duel, that ass must have fallen in love with me. When trying to pull him he just lies on his back and does the “scratch my ball please” posture. As last resort I go back to the house (“angel” follows), ring the bell, master comes down and says “yeah I saw you the first time, thanks, well I will put him on chain this time, he always runs away with some cyclist or hiker”, doesnt seem concerened at all that if I havent returned to the village it would follow me for next 20 km…
  • finally on my own I set on the path to Zlutice, where I am to take a train.
  • Miracle#5: On the way I see a ruin of a small castle in some distance, decide to try and see it. Go to it, its called Hartstejn (= folkalized version of “hard stone”). I get to it to find out its a pure ruin except of the main tower that is beeing changed into a viewing tower, nearly complete. I check the entrance gate and… its open :) Someone must have broken it very recently, no marks of any visitors inside. I climb the ladder and stairs to the observation platform on the 3rd floor, great view all around. If I could choose a place to sleep it would be up here – smell of  freshly processed wood, sound of wind but warm with a view… Outside starts rain with hailstones, but soon finishes.
  • From the tower I see a deserted church in the fields under the castle and decide to check it out. There is a 2m wide river between me and the church hill and some rain falling from skies, but with a little bit of acrobacy I get to other side climbing an old cow-fence. The church is practically a ruin, even though recently they have put up a new roof, but still this is the most desolate church I have ever seen. After taking some pics and waiting for rain to stop I start walking towards the next town from where a track to Zlutice is to lead (the sign under the castle said its 12.5 km away)
  • I have to cross the small river back to the other side, I try doing it at the old mill (now someones house), an old semibroken bridge is there, I call to the guy on other side if its possible to cross on it. He says “sure”, well… He doesnt like slovaks or just didnt try it on his own but after second step a part of the bridge broke and I got ankle deep into the water. My shoes ARE waterresistant.
  • on the way I think I have no drinking water left, but Miracle #6 puts a freshly renovated mineral-spring water in my way, good water.
  • I walk towards the town, find an open shop there, go in to be welcomed “Topri ten” by a vietnamese girl who runs it. Ok, I thought its just Prague where all shops are run by them. I finally get some food.
  • I go to the direction sign that says Zlutice 16km… yep, I was going the opposite direction (lost#4), but right when thinking what to do next, Miracle#7 offers me a bus that goes directly to Zlutice leaving in 2 minutes. Btw, remember that woman with newspapers and the changing time? If it wasnt for that I would think I still have plenty of time and would go walking… and miss my train. (Miracle#8?)
  • So after a while here I am in Zlutice having 1 hour spare before the train leaves. So I go randomly walking around to find a path that leads to a small hill right above the train station. There used to be a tiny castle over there and is a left-over bunker from the 60′s, I check it out, take pictures and realize I have 13 minutes till the train leaves (cause I didnt check the time properly)… I run like hell down the hill, jump sweated in the train… and wait 5 more minutes till the train decides to leave.
  • So thats how the day ends, in a train sweated. Than me getting home, cooking a dinner too big to digest that sends me straight into limbo that I dont wake up until morning when I have to go to work.

Now tell me… isnt that a pretty long story for a single weekend? :)

I know, hard to read and harder to believe… thats why I have pictures :D