Day 108 – Eating crabs and fish and shrimps on a boat trip

Its called “Crabbing” and its one of favourite free time activities of Karachis (those who can pay 9USD per person). Forget about the idea of catching crabs, its about getting on a boat in a port (which is partly military) and going out into the sea (not long, some 15 minutes) and that eating the freshly cooked crabs, fishes, shrimps and other good things :)

What is so special about it?

Its quiet over there, You dont get how much “white noise” is in Karachi if You dont get away from it. You lay on a carpet on top of the boat, feel the waves move the boat under You, feel the wind and smell the food… It just feels really relaxing… Just get a few friends for a talk and its complete.

Oh, and remember the note that its “military” port? Photos are strictly forbidden… So the only way pictures can be taken is without flash – if a flash is seen, the coast guard can come and “harass” both You and the boat-owners… so the photos are pretty shaky, but some of them look artistic…

art) KHI

Today was a rather boring day… Just some working, sleeping and fooling around…

Back in Slovakia I would be utterly bored, but here hmm…. well….

Karachi is strange, its like nobody ever planned for it to look nice or become a comfortable place to live, it looks like it is a product of unplanned increase of size of a village (which is true), its full of mess and chaos… And still, when You come, without noticing You start to feel like at home… start liking it…

This message was sprayed by somebody on all possible random walls around the place I live and when going home, I guess one place where it will be written will be my sad face …. I (heart) KHI

Cay to the Ai to the Ar to the Ai to the See to the Age to the Eye… KARACHI my city!

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