Day 214 (31.12.07) – Hard to recapitulate a year… on a random day

Here am I, Lahore, Pakistan, 7 months out of home, 6 months on the job, 1 year and a half after graduation, 24 years old, 8 months since I have met a girl worth falling in love with and 4 months since I met her last time, no money spared and no intension to join normal work force soon…

Seems like a good day to recapitulate 2007? Well, not really… Not for me. This year finished not very remarkably. True I am being stuck in Lahore due to historical events, but actually I am just stuck in a place where nothing changes and days just pass by.

In a situation like this You really find out that there is nothing remarkable about the midnight of 31st of December… Its just a symbol a nudge for us to accept that one year is gone and start planning for next. But it also shows that any day can be the “judgement“… I guess I will skip it today and make it some other day.

…whatta a dull post. Lets make it little better… my year 2007 in photos…

But still… happy new year… and not just one.. all of them.. and may all be new and exciting :)

And if some of You are interested what is going on on the pictures, or why are they there, just ask me by email, I will reply, If I want to… (no offence, some of them are insider only)

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