Personal energy fields – great way to explain behavior

Today I wont have time to go fully into this topic, but I will try to at least start it.

I am NOT going into religious/mystic/ezoteric discussions now. If you watch a sci-fi or National Geographic there is no discussion if e.g. aliens or dinosaurs exist, so just take the following as a fact at least for a while too. In order for this to work You need to accept that each one of us has an energy field around/inside him. You could imagine it as aura.

So each one of us has an energy field that we can not see (some people say they do, but they are a minority) but we can feel it – if its big and strong we feel “energized” and having a lot of “power”, if its weak we feel “drained” and “low on energy”. They are physically around us, they can overlap with other peoples fields and take in also objects around us.

Each one of us is a small power plant – taking fuel from inside and outside and using it to build the field – thats one way how to do it. Example: you see something nice = you start feel good, you have a bright idea = you feel good, you read/remember something positive = you feel good. Vice versa – if you have bad mood = you loose energy and feel down. So you can gain / loose energy “on your own”, without someone interfering.

But you can also steal/take or have your energy stolen/taken. You know the feeling – you feel great, meet an asshole, within seconds you feel like going back to bed or just not giving a crap. That person literally sucked out your energy. On the other hand – e.g. you make a witty remark on someone and feel pretty smart and good, while your target “shrinks”. Or you raise your voice at someone (make clear your position of power) and you feel strong and important, while the other person slightly fades…. We fight for it all the time. But we can also give it voluntarily or even increase it if we share with someone who accepts it and feels the same (you can call it that the two of you resonate and increase the energy power).

This time I am not going into theories on how this exactly works. I just wanted to give you a way how differently look on e.g. workplace relationships – why some bosses need to establish their dominance, some people make you feel tired by just opening their mouths or others make you feel charged just by having a look at you.

If you look at our daily interactions as on exchanges of energy and contacts of energy fields, it might be much easier to understand peoples behavior and motivations.

More about this some other time. I personally find this view quite fascinating and think it can (if nothing else) bring clarity to people-relationship/interactions explanations/processes. Imagine a training where you can finally show/draw what goes on when two people meet or talk in some way (i.e. excellent for visual stimulation).

Good night for today :)

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