Sights I’d like to see

For every place I have visited, there are plenty that would still be amazing to visit some time in the future. You know, when I’ve saved up enough money to go globe trotting. After all, it’s nice to break the usual routine of waking up, working, playing on Partypoker, updating my blog and sleeping. Some of the sights I’d love to see are:

The Northern Lights – The northern lights are one of those sights that most people in the world will never get to see, which is sad. From the pictures, you can tell it would be an experience worth having, to have those bright colours dancing across the sky above you.

The Eiffel Tower – To climb the Eiffel Tower at night, and get to see the view of Paris below would be amazing. Sure it’s a long way up, but it’d be so worth it. And even if you are afraid of heights, you can just stand by it and look up in awe.

Statue of Liberty – New York in general is a dream destination. To see the Statue of Liberty in person though, would be unforgettable. It’s supposed to be the ultimate symbol of the American Dream, but even if my other dreams don’t come true, I’d get to cross that one off at least.

The Great Wall of China – One of the ancient wonders of the world is a tourist trap admittedly, but to actually walk along a structure that is so historic would be worth the long trip to China.

Stone Henge – Believed to have been created during the Stone Age, to this day no one knows what Stone Henge was for. Perhaps it was just decorative, or a building site. Whatever the reason for its existence, for it to still be standing is a miracle in itself. It would be great to see during the English summer.

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