the type of News there should be

today i was at an amateur theater piece that i shouldnt have been, “120 days of freedom” (you are guessing right, a play with words on 120 days of Sodom/y), and while the best way to describe is with the words of a friend who after it was over said: I am happy I am sane (unlike all that was in the play) it did make me think. Which was a way for the brain to cope with that shit (nearly literally).

one of the things they said was that when they read the news in the morning it makes them feel arousing in a way to read about the misfortunes of others – that you cant feel your own happiness without seeing the pain of others. And that made me realize how true this is – how most people watch the news to get they daily dose of shit and pain that happens in the world – and not to them (the guilty pleasure is even greater if it happened to someone they could possibly know or it could have happened to them personally). It makes the common people a kind of happy about how lucky they are and a little thrill of seeing something wrong. We stare at car crashes hiding eyes but still kinkily hoping to see a spot of blood… Who knows, maybe we like to see the stupid “cute animal” shots at the end of the “show” (a.k.a. news) to flip us back into our normal mode of good citizens, out of the trance of “I want to look away but cant”.

This is my proposal – do news where negative/sick shit is not shown for the sake of thrill. If there is something negative, its followed with a call for action. Examples:

  • bus crash in india, 30 dead? there is nothing you can do? no news!
  • earthquake in japan? state the facts – what kind of help is needed, how to do it, where to send it
  • a country that decided to imprison/kill an innocent? where can you send a protest to change it
  • government thinking about a new policy? what it means if it goes through and where can you send them your support or state your refusal of the topic or (most important) learn more in a simple way of speech to really understand what will be the impact
  • killing happened? can you help catch the killer or the case publicity can anyhow help prevent something like that from happening? if yes, say how. else its no news…

There is plenty of people who dont want to listen to news, because its just a bunch of weirdest shit currently happening in world or pointless talk about unimportant matters like paparazzi and famous people excesses or suffering… I am actually one of them.

I wish there was news that would help me make a better world or stop puking the dirt of our planet into my soul.

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